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Pdf Export Search Poster Not that much power: Linguistic alignment is influenced more by low-level linguistic features rather than social power
[P18-1056]: Yang Xu | Jeremy Cole | David Reitter

Pdf Export Search The Timing of Lexical Memory Retrievals in Language Production
[N18-1183]: Jeremy Cole | David Reitter


Pdf Export Search Spectral Analysis of Information Density in Dialogue Predicts Collaborative Task Performance
[P17-1058]: Yang Xu | David Reitter

Pdf Export Search Event Ordering with a Generalized Model for Sieve Prediction Ranking
[I17-1085]: Bill McDowell | Nathanael Chambers | Alexander Ororbia II | David Reitter


Pdf Export Search Entropy Converges Between Dialogue Participants: Explanations from an Information-Theoretic Perspective
[P16-1051]: Yang Xu | David Reitter

Pdf Export Search Convergence of Syntactic Complexity in Conversation
[P16-2072]: Yang Xu | David Reitter


Pdf Export Search Pragmatic Alignment on Social Support Type in Health Forum Conversations
[W15-1102]: Yafei Wang | John Yen | David Reitter

Pdf Export Search An Evaluation and Comparison of Linguistic Alignment Measures
[W15-1107]: Yang Xu | David Reitter

Pdf Export Search Learning a Deep Hybrid Model for Semi-Supervised Text Classification
[D15-1053]: Alexander Ororbia II | C. Lee Giles | David Reitter


Pdf Export Search A Model to Qualify the Linguistic Adaptation Phenomenon in Online Conversation Threads: Analyzing Priming Effect in Online Health Community
[W14-2007]: Yafei Wang | David Reitter | John Yen


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics (CMCL 2012)
[W12-1700]: David Reitter | Roger Levy


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics
[W11-0600]: Frank Keller | David Reitter


Pdf Export Search Did Social Networks Shape Language Evolution? A Multi-Agent Cognitive Simulation
[W10-2002]: David Reitter | Christian Lebiere


Pdf Export Search Predicting Success in Dialogue
[P07-1102]: David Reitter | Johanna D. Moore


Pdf Export Search Computational Modelling of Structural Priming in Dialogue
[N06-2031]: David Reitter | Frank Keller | Johanna D. Moore

Pdf Export Search Dimensionality Reduction Aids Term Co-Occurrence Based Multi-Document Summarization
[W06-0701]: Ben Hachey | Gabriel Murray | David Reitter

Pdf Export Search Priming Effects in Combinatory Categorial Grammar
[W06-1637]: David Reitter | Julia Hockenmaier | Frank Keller


Pdf Export Search UI on the Fly: Generating a Multimodal User Interface
[N04-4012]: David Reitter | Erin Panttaja | Fred Cummins


Pdf Export Search Step by step: underspecified markup in incremental rhetorical analysis
[W03-2411]: David Reitter | Manfred Stede


Pdf Export Search XML/XSL in the Dictionary: The Case of Discourse Markers
[W02-1704]: Daniela Berger | David Reitter | Manfred Stede