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Pdf Export Search Poster Multi-Input Attention for Unsupervised OCR Correction
[P18-1220]: Rui Dong | David Smith

Pdf Export Search Modeling the Decline in English Passivization
[W18-0304]: Liwen Hou | David Smith

Pdf Export Search A Multi-Context Character Prediction Model for a Brain-Computer Interface
[W18-1210]: Shiran Dudy | Shaobin Xu | Steven Bedrick | David Smith


Pdf Export Search Online Multilingual Topic Models with Multi-Level Hyperpriors
[N16-1053]: Kriste Krstovski | David Smith | Michael J. Kurtz

Pdf Export Search Bootstrapping Translation Detection and Sentence Extraction from Comparable Corpora
[N16-1132]: Kriste Krstovski | David Smith


Pdf Export Search Detecting and Evaluating Local Text Reuse in Social Networks
[W14-2707]: Shaobin Xu | David Smith | Abigail Mullen | Ryan Cordell


Pdf Export Search Grammarless Parsing for Joint Inference
[C12-1122]: Jason Naradowsky | Tim Vieira | David Smith

Pdf Export Search Parse, Price and Cut—Delayed Column and Row Generation for Graph Based Parsers
[D12-1067]: Sebastian Riedel | David Smith | Andrew McCallum

Pdf Export Search Improving NLP through Marginalization of Hidden Syntactic Structure
[D12-1074]: Jason Naradowsky | Sebastian Riedel | David Smith

Pdf Export Search A Dictionary of Wisdom and Wit: Learning to Extract Quotable Phrases
[W12-2510]: Michael Bendersky | David Smith


Pdf Export Search Dependency Parsing by Belief Propagation
[D08-1016]: David Smith | Jason Eisner

Pdf Export Search HotSpots: Visualizing Edits to a Text
[D08-1028]: Srinivas Bangalore | David Smith


Pdf Export Search Quasi-Synchronous Grammars: Alignment by Soft Projection of Syntactic Dependencies
[W06-3104]: David Smith | Jason Eisner


Pdf Export Search A Smorgasbord of Features for Statistical Machine Translation
[N04-1021]: Franz Josef Och | Daniel Gildea | Sanjeev Khudanpur | Anoop Sarkar | Kenji Yamada | Alex Fraser | Shankar Kumar | Libin Shen | David Smith | Katherine Eng | Viren Jain | Zhen Jin | Dragomir Radev