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Pdf Export Search SemEval-2018 Task 7: Semantic Relation Extraction and Classification in Scientific Papers
[S18-1111]: Kata Gábor | Davide Buscaldi | Anne-Kathrin Schumann | Behrang QasemiZadeh | Haifa Zargayouna | Thierry Charnois


Pdf Export Search LIPN-UAM at EmoInt-2017:Combination of Lexicon-based features and Sentence-level Vector Representations for Emotion Intensity Determination
[W17-5236]: Davide Buscaldi | Belem Priego

Pdf Export Search Exploring Vector Spaces for Semantic Relations
[D17-1193]: Kata Gábor | Haifa Zargayouna | Isabelle Tellier | Davide Buscaldi | Thierry Charnois

Pdf Export Search LIPN at SemEval-2017 Task 10: Filtering Candidate Keyphrases from Scientific Publications with Part-of-Speech Tag Sequences to Train a Sequence Labeling Model
[S17-2174]: Simon David Hernandez | Davide Buscaldi | Thierry Charnois


Pdf Export Search LIPN-IIMAS at SemEval-2016 Task 1: Random Forest Regression Experiments on Align-and-Differentiate and Word Embeddings penalizing strategies
[S16-1112]: Oscar William Lightgow Serrano | Ivan Vladimir Meza Ruiz | Albert Manuel Orozco Camacho | Jorge Garcia Flores | Davide Buscaldi


Pdf Export Search SOPA: Random Forests Regression for the Semantic Textual Similarity task
[S15-2024]: Davide Buscaldi | Jorge Garcia Flores | Ivan V. Meza | Isaac Rodriguez

Pdf Export Search QASSIT: A Pretopological Framework for the Automatic Construction of Lexical Taxonomies from Raw Texts
[S15-2159]: Guillaume Cleuziou | Davide Buscaldi | Gaël Dias | Vincent Levorato | Christine Largeron


Pdf Export Search LIPN: Introducing a new Geographical Context Similarity Measure and a Statistical Similarity Measure based on the Bhattacharyya coefficient
[S14-2069]: Davide Buscaldi | Jorge García Flores | Joseph Le Roux | Nadi Tomeh | Belém Priego Sanchez


Pdf Export Search LIPN-CORE: Semantic Text Similarity using n-grams, WordNet, Syntactic Analysis, ESA and Information Retrieval based Features
[S13-1023]: Davide Buscaldi | Joseph Le Roux | Jorge J. Garcia Flores | Adrian Popescu


Pdf Export Search IRIT: Textual Similarity Combining Conceptual Similarity with an N-Gram Comparison Method
[S12-1080]: Davide Buscaldi | Ronan Tournier | Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles | Josiane Mothe


Pdf Export Search Evaluation Protocol and Tools for Question-Answering on Speech Transcripts
[L10-1254]: Nicolas Moreau | Olivier Hamon | Djamel Mostefa | Sophie Rosset | Olivier Galibert | Lori Lamel | Jordi Turmo | Pere R. Comas | Paolo Rosso | Davide Buscaldi | Khalid Choukri


Pdf Export Search Geo-WordNet: Automatic Georeferencing of WordNet
[L08-1598]: Davide Buscaldi | Paolo Rosso


Pdf Export Search UPV-WSD : Combining different WSD Methods by means of Fuzzy Borda Voting
[S07-1097]: Davide Buscaldi | Paolo Rosso


Pdf Export Search The upv-unige-CIAOSENSO WSD system
[W04-0820]: Davide Buscaldi | Paolo Rosso | Francesco Masulli