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Pdf Export Search Evaluating Lemmatization Models for Machine-Assisted Corpus-Dictionary Linkage
[L14-1142]: Kevin Black | Eric Ringger | Paul Felt | Kevin Seppi | Kristian Heal | Deryle Lonsdale

Pdf Export Search Student achievement and French sentence repetition test scores
[L14-1600]: Deryle Lonsdale | Benjamin Millard

Pdf Export Search Combining elicited imitation and fluency features for oral proficiency measurement
[L14-1039]: Deryle Lonsdale | Carl Christensen


Pdf Export Search Item Development and Scoring for Japanese Oral Proficiency Testing
[L12-1093]: Hitokazu Matsushita | Deryle Lonsdale

Pdf Export Search First Results in a Study Evaluating Pre-annotation and Correction Propagation for Machine-Assisted Syriac Morphological Analysis
[L12-1281]: Paul Felt | Eric Ringger | Kevin Seppi | Kristian Heal | Robbie Haertel | Deryle Lonsdale


Pdf Export Search Elicited Imitation for Prediction of OPI Test Scores
[W11-1404]: Kevin Cook | Jeremiah McGhee | Deryle Lonsdale


Pdf Export Search Tag Dictionaries Accelerate Manual Annotation
[L10-1312]: Marc Carmen | Paul Felt | Robbie Haertel | Deryle Lonsdale | Peter McClanahan | Owen Merkling | Eric Ringger | Kevin Seppi

Pdf Export Search Principled Construction of Elicited Imitation Tests
[L10-1460]: Carl Christensen | Ross Hendrickson | Deryle Lonsdale

Pdf Export Search A Probabilistic Morphological Analyzer for Syriac
[D10-1079]: Peter McClanahan | George Busby | Robbie Haertel | Kristian Heal | Deryle Lonsdale | Kevin Seppi | Eric Ringger


Pdf Export Search Assessing the Costs of Machine-Assisted Corpus Annotation through a User Study
[L08-1367]: Eric Ringger | Marc Carmen | Robbie Haertel | Kevin Seppi | Deryle Lonsdale | Peter McClanahan | James Carroll | Noel Ellison

Pdf Export Search Elicited Imitation as an Oral Proficiency Measure with ASR Scoring
[L08-1385]: C. Ray Graham | Deryle Lonsdale | Casey Kennington | Aaron Johnson | Jeremiah McGhee


Pdf Export Search Active Learning for Part-of-Speech Tagging: Accelerating Corpus Annotation
[W07-1516]: Eric Ringger | Peter McClanahan | Robbie Haertel | George Busby | Marc Carmen | James Carroll | Kevin Seppi | Deryle Lonsdale


Pdf Export Search Expanding Tree Adjoining Grammar to create Junction Grammar trees
[W04-3322]: Ronald Millett | Deryle Lonsdale


Pdf Export Search Automated Rating of ESL Essays
[W03-0209]: Deryle Lonsdale | Diane Strong-Krause


Pdf Export Search A niche at the nexus: situating an NLP curriculum interdisciplinarily
[W02-0107]: Deryle Lonsdale