Pdf Export Search The Promise of Premise: Harnessing Question Premises in Visual Question Answering
[D17-1097]: Aroma Mahendru | Viraj Prabhu | Akrit Mohapatra | Dhruv Batra | Stefan Lee

Pdf Export Search Deal or No Deal? End-to-End Learning of Negotiation Dialogues
[D17-1259]: Mike Lewis | Denis Yarats | Yann Dauphin | Devi Parikh | Dhruv Batra

Pdf Export Search Attachment Natural Language Does Not Emerge ‘Naturally’ in Multi-Agent Dialog
[D17-1321]: Satwik Kottur | José Moura | Stefan Lee | Dhruv Batra

Pdf Export Search ParlAI: A Dialog Research Software Platform
[D17-2014]: Alexander Miller | Will Feng | Dhruv Batra | Antoine Bordes | Adam Fisch | Jiasen Lu | Devi Parikh | Jason Weston


Pdf Export Search Attachment Question Relevance in VQA: Identifying Non-Visual And False-Premise Questions
[D16-1090]: Arijit Ray | Gordon Christie | Mohit Bansal | Dhruv Batra | Devi Parikh

Pdf Export Search Attachment Sort Story: Sorting Jumbled Images and Captions into Stories
[D16-1091]: Harsh Agrawal | Arjun Chandrasekaran | Dhruv Batra | Devi Parikh | Mohit Bansal

Pdf Export Search Attachment Human Attention in Visual Question Answering: Do Humans and Deep Networks look at the same regions?
[D16-1092]: Abhishek Das | Harsh Agrawal | Larry Zitnick | Devi Parikh | Dhruv Batra

Pdf Export Search Attachment Resolving Language and Vision Ambiguities Together: Joint Segmentation & Prepositional Attachment Resolution in Captioned Scenes
[D16-1156]: Gordon Christie | Ankit Laddha | Aishwarya Agrawal | Stanislaw Antol | Yash Goyal | Kevin Kochersberger | Dhruv Batra

Pdf Export Search Attachment Analyzing the Behavior of Visual Question Answering Models
[D16-1203]: Aishwarya Agrawal | Dhruv Batra | Devi Parikh

Pdf Export Search A Corpus and Cloze Evaluation for Deeper Understanding of Commonsense Stories
[N16-1098]: Nasrin Mostafazadeh | Nathanael Chambers | Xiaodong He | Devi Parikh | Dhruv Batra | Lucy Vanderwende | Pushmeet Kohli | James Allen

Pdf rev Pdf Export Search Visual Storytelling
[N16-1147]: Ting-Hao (Kenneth) Huang | Francis Ferraro | Nasrin Mostafazadeh | Ishan Misra | Aishwarya Agrawal | Jacob Devlin | Ross Girshick | Xiaodong He | Pushmeet Kohli | Dhruv Batra | C. Lawrence Zitnick | Devi Parikh | Lucy Vanderwende | Michel Galley | Margaret Mitchell


Pdf Export Search A Systematic Exploration of Diversity in Machine Translation
[D13-1111]: Kevin Gimpel | Dhruv Batra | Chris Dyer | Gregory Shakhnarovich