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Pdf Export Search MIT-MEDG at SemEval-2018 Task 7: Semantic Relation Classification via Convolution Neural Network
[S18-1127]: Di Jin | Franck Dernoncourt | Elena Sergeeva | Matthew McDermott | Geeticka Chauhan

Pdf Export Search PICO Element Detection in Medical Text via Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks
[W18-2308]: Di Jin | Peter Szolovits

Pdf Export Search Implicit Discourse Relation Recognition using Neural Tensor Network with Interactive Attention and Sparse Learning
[C18-1046]: Fengyu Guo | Ruifang He | Di Jin | Jianwu Dang | Longbiao Wang | Xiangang Li

Pdf Export Search Interaction-Aware Topic Model for Microblog Conversations through Network Embedding and User Attention
[C18-1118]: Ruifang He | Xuefei Zhang | Di Jin | Longbiao Wang | Jianwu Dang | Xiangang Li

Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Neural Networks for Sequential Sentence Classification in Medical Scientific Abstracts
[D18-1349]: Di Jin | Peter Szolovits


Pdf Export Search PurdueNLP at SemEval-2017 Task 1: Predicting Semantic Textual Similarity with Paraphrase and Event Embeddings
[S17-2029]: I-Ta Lee | Mahak Goindani | Chang Li | Di Jin | Kristen Marie Johnson | Xiao Zhang | Maria Leonor Pacheco | Dan Goldwasser

Pdf Export Search Leveraging Behavioral and Social Information for Weakly Supervised Collective Classification of Political Discourse on Twitter
[P17-1069]: Kristen Johnson | Di Jin | Dan Goldwasser


Pdf Export Search Adapting Event Embedding for Implicit Discourse Relation Recognition
[K16-2019]: Maria Leonor Pacheco | I-Ta Lee | Xiao Zhang | Abdullah Khan Zehady | Pranjal Daga | Di Jin | Ayush Parolia | Dan Goldwasser