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Pdf Export Search Um novo corpo e os seus desafios (A new corpus and the challenges it offers)
[W15-5605]: Diana Santos


Pdf Export Search Págico: Evaluating Wikipedia-based information retrieval in Portuguese
[L12-1336]: Cristina Mota | Alberto Simões | Cláudia Freitas | Luís Costa | Diana Santos

Pdf Export Search Folheador: browsing through Portuguese semantic relations
[E12-2008]: Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira | Hernani Costa | Diana Santos


Pdf Export Search GikiCLEF: Crosscultural Issues in Multilingual Information Access
[L10-1186]: Diana Santos | Luís Miguel Cabral | Corina Forascu | Pamela Forner | Fredric Gey | Katrin Lamm | Thomas Mandl | Petya Osenova | Anselmo Peñas | Álvaro Rodrigo | Julia Schulz | Yvonne Skalban | Erik Tjong Kim Sang

Pdf Export Search Second HAREM: Advancing the State of the Art of Named Entity Recognition in Portuguese
[L10-1284]: Cláudia Freitas | Cristina Mota | Diana Santos | Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira | Paula Carvalho

Pdf Export Search Experiments in Human-computer Cooperation for the Semantic Annotation of Portuguese Corpora
[L10-1318]: Diana Santos | Cristina Mota


Pdf Export Search Relation detection between named entities: report of a shared task
[W09-2421]: Cláudia Freitas | Diana Santos | Cristina Mota | Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira | Paula Carvalho


Pdf Export Search An Evaluation Resource for Geographic Information Retrieval
[L08-1285]: Thomas Mandl | Fredric Gey | Giorgio Di Nunzio | Nicola Ferro | Mark Sanderson | Diana Santos | Christa Womser-Hacker

Pdf Export Search Portuguese-English Word Alignment: some Experiments
[L08-1364]: Diana Santos | Alberto Simões

Pdf Export Search What’s in a Colour? Studying and Contrasting Colours with COMPARA
[L08-1593]: Diana Santos | Maria do Rosário Silva | Susana Inácio


Pdf Export Search On the Problems of Creating a Golden Standard of Inflected Forms in Portuguese
[L04-1013]: Diana Santos | Anabela Barreiro

Pdf Export Search The Corpógrafo – a Web-based Environment for Corpora Research
[L04-1121]: Luís Sarmento | Belinda Maia | Diana Santos

Pdf Export Search What is my Style? Using Stylistic Features of Portuguese Web Texts to Classify Web Pages According to Users' Needs
[L04-1305]: Rachel Aires | Aline Manfrin | Sandra Aluísio | Diana Santos


Pdf Export Search Floresta Sintá(c)tica: A treebank for Portuguese.
[L02-1001]: Susana Afonso | Eckhard Bick | Renato Haber | Diana Santos

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of parsed corpora: Experiments in user-transparent and user-visible evaluation.
[L02-1015]: Diana Santos | Caroline Gasperin


Pdf Export Search Evaluating CETEMPúblico, a Free Resource for Portuguese
[P01-1058]: Diana Santos | Paulo Rocha


Pdf Export Search Providing Internet Access to Portuguese Corpora: the AC/DC Project
[L00-1064]: Diana Santos | Eckhard Bick

Pdf Export Search An Evaluation of the Translation Corpus Aligner, with special reference to the language pair English-Portuguese
[W99-1020]: Diana Santos | Signe Oksefjell


Pdf Export Search Lexical gaps and idioms in machine translation
[C90-2057]: Diana Santos