Pdf Export Search Overview of the 2018 ALTA Shared Task: Classifying Patent Applications
[U18-1011]: Diego Mollá | Dilesha Seneviratne


Pdf Export Search Overview of the 2016 ALTA Shared Task: Cross-KB Coreference
[U16-1020]: Andrew Chisholm | Ben Hachey | Diego Mollá


Pdf Export Search Similarity Metrics for Clustering PubMed Abstracts for Evidence Based Medicine
[U15-1006]: Hamed Hassanzadeh | Diego Mollá | Tudor Groza | Anthony Nguyen | Jane Hunter

Pdf Export Search Overview of the 2015 ALTA Shared Task: Identifying French Cognates in English Text
[U15-1017]: Laurianne Sitbon | Diego Mollá | Haoxing Wang


Pdf Export Search Overview of the 2014 ALTA Shared Task: Identifying Expressions of Locations in Tweets
[U14-1022]: Diego Mollá | Sarvnaz Karimi


Pdf Export Search Learning from OzCLO, the Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad
[W13-3405]: Dominique Estival | John Henderson | Mary Laughren | Diego Mollá | Cathy Bow | Rachel Nordlinger | Verna Rieschild | Andrea C. Schalley | Alexander W. Stanley | Colette Mrowa-Hopkins


Pdf Export Search Experiments with Clustering-based Features for Sentence Classification in Medical Publications: Macquarie Test’s participation in the ALTA 2012 shared task.
[U12-1020]: Diego Mollá


Pdf Export Search Indexing on Semantic Roles for Question Answering
[W08-1810]: Luiz Augusto Pizzato | Diego Mollá


Pdf Export Search Question Answering in Restricted Domains: An Overview
[J07-1004]: Diego Mollá | José Luis Vicedo

Pdf Export Search Named Entity Recognition in Question Answering of Speech Data
[U07-1010]: Diego Mollá | Menno van Zaanen | Steve Cassidy

Pdf Export Search Question Prediction Language Model
[U07-1014]: Luiz Augusto Pizzato | Diego Mollá


Pdf Export Search Towards semantic-based overlap measures for question-answering
[U03-1014]: Diego Mollá

Pdf Export Search Intrinsic versus Extrinsic Evaluations of Parsing Systems
[W03-2806]: Diego Mollá | Ben Hutchinson