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Pdf Export Search Poster Note Active learning for deep semantic parsing
[P18-2008]: Long Duong | Hadi Afshar | Dominique Estival | Glen Pink | Philip Cohen | Mark Johnson


Pdf Export Search Multilingual Semantic Parsing And Code-Switching
[K17-1038]: Long Duong | Hadi Afshar | Dominique Estival | Glen Pink | Philip Cohen | Mark Johnson


Pdf Export Search AusTalk: an audio-visual corpus of Australian English
[L14-1432]: Dominique Estival | Steve Cassidy | Felicity Cox | Denis Burnham

Pdf Export Search The Alveo Virtual Laboratory: A Web Based Repository API
[L14-1501]: Steve Cassidy | Dominique Estival | Timothy Jones | Denis Burnham | Jared Burghold

Pdf Export Search Alveo, a Human Communication Science Virtual Laboratory
[U14-1013]: Dominique Estival | Steve Cassidy

Pdf Export Search Integrating UIMA with Alveo, a human communication science virtual laboratory
[W14-5202]: Dominique Estival | Steve Cassidy | Karin Verspoor | Andrew MacKinlay | Denis Burnham


Pdf Export Search Learning from OzCLO, the Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad
[W13-3405]: Dominique Estival | John Henderson | Mary Laughren | Diego Mollá | Cathy Bow | Rachel Nordlinger | Verna Rieschild | Andrea C. Schalley | Alexander W. Stanley | Colette Mrowa-Hopkins


Pdf Export Search OzCLO: The Australian Computational Linguistic Olympiad
[U11-1002]: Dominique Estival


Pdf Export Search TAT: An Author Profiling Tool with Application to Arabic Emails
[U07-1006]: Dominique Estival | Tanja Gaustad | Son Bao Pham | Will Radford | Ben Hutchinson


Pdf Export Search Intelligent Multi Media Presentation of information in a semi-immersive Command and Control environment
[U04-1012]: Cecile Paris | Nathalie Colineau | Dominique Estival

Pdf Export Search Towards Ontology-based Natural Language Processing
[W04-0609]: Dominique Estival | Chris Nowak | Andrew Zschorn


Pdf Export Search Document classification in structured military messages
[U03-1017]: Oliver Carr | Dominique Estival

Pdf Export Search Spoken Dialogue for Virtual Advisers in a semi-immersive Command and Control environment
[W03-2110]: Dominique Estival | Michael Broughton | Andrew Zschorn | Elizabeth Pronger


Pdf Export Search TSNLP - Test Suites for Natural Language Processing
[C96-2120]: Sabine Lehmann | Stephan Oepen | Sylvie Regnier-Prost | Klaus Netter | Veronika Lux | Judith Klein | Kirsten Falkedal | Frederik Fouvry | Dominique Estival | Eva Dauphin | Herve Compagnion | Judith Baur | Lorna Balkan | Doug Arnold


Pdf Export Search Book Reviews: Grammaires d'unification a traits et conto1e des infinitives en francais
[J94-4008]: Dominique Estival


Pdf Export Search A Language for the Statement of Binary Relations over Feature Structures
[E91-1050]: Graham Russell | Afzal Ballim | Dominique Estival | Susan Warwick-Armstrong


Pdf Export Search Generating French with a Reversible Unification Grammar
[C90-2019]: Dominique Estival