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Pdf Export Search Memory-augmented Neural Machine Translation
[D17-1146]: Yang Feng | Shiyue Zhang | Andi Zhang | Dong Wang | Andrew Abel

Pdf Export Search Discourse Mode Identification in Essays
[P17-1011]: Wei Song | Dong Wang | Ruiji Fu | Lizhen Liu | Ting Liu | Guoping Hu

Pdf Export Search Note Flexible and Creative Chinese Poetry Generation Using Neural Memory
[P17-1125]: Jiyuan Zhang | Yang Feng | Dong Wang | Yang Wang | Andrew Abel | Shiyue Zhang | Andi Zhang


Pdf Export Search Attachment Stochastic Top-k ListNet
[D15-1079]: Tianyi Luo | Dong Wang | Rong Liu | Yiqiao Pan

Pdf Export Search Joint Semantic Relevance Learning with Text Data and Graph Knowledge
[W15-4004]: Dongxu Zhang | Bin Yuan | Dong Wang | Rong Liu

Pdf Export Search Normalized Word Embedding and Orthogonal Transform for Bilingual Word Translation
[N15-1104]: Chao Xing | Dong Wang | Chao Liu | Yiye Lin


Pdf Export Search A Two-step Approach to Sentence Compression of Spoken Utterances
[P12-2033]: Dong Wang | Xian Qian | Yang Liu

Pdf Export Search Tweet Ranking Based on Heterogeneous Networks
[C12-1076]: Hongzhao Huang | Arkaitz Zubiaga | Heng Ji | Hongbo Deng | Dong Wang | Hieu Le | Tarek Abdelzaher | Jiawei Han | Alice Leung | John Hancock | Clare Voss

Pdf Export Search Effort of Genre Variation and Prediction of System Performance
[L12-1625]: Dong Wang | Fei Xia


Pdf Export Search A Pilot Study of Opinion Summarization in Conversations
[P11-1034]: Dong Wang | Yang Liu

Pdf Export Search A Cross-corpus Study of Unsupervised Subjectivity Identification based on Calibrated EM
[W11-1721]: Dong Wang | Yang Liu


Pdf Export Search Improving Blog Polarity Classification via Topic Analysis and Adaptive Methods
[N10-1042]: Feifan Liu | Dong Wang | Bin Li | Yang Liu