Pdf Export Search From Treebank to Propbank: A Semantic-Role and VerbNet Corpus for Danish
[W17-0223]: Eckhard Bick

Pdf Export Search Universal Dependencies for Portuguese
[W17-6523]: Alexandre Rademaker | Fabricio Chalub | Livy Real | Cláudia Freitas | Eckhard Bick | Valeria de Paiva

Pdf Export Search Propbank Annotation of Danish Noun Frames
[W17-6902]: Eckhard Bick


Pdf Export Search Constraint Grammar-based conversion of Dependency Treebanks
[W16-6314]: Eckhard Bick


Pdf Export Search CG-3 — Beyond Classical Constraint Grammar
[W15-1807]: Eckhard Bick | Tino Didriksen

Pdf Export Search DanProof: Pedagogical Spell and Grammar Checking for Danish
[R15-1008]: Eckhard Bick

Pdf Export Search WikiTrans: Swedish-Danish Machine Translation in a Constraint Grammar Framework
[W15-5406]: Eckhard Bick


Pdf Export Search ML-Optimization of Ported Constraint Grammars
[L14-1228]: Eckhard Bick


Pdf Export Search ML-Tuned Constraint Grammars
[Y13-1046]: Eckhard Bick

Pdf Export Search Using Constraint Grammar for Chunking
[W13-5607]: Eckhard Bick


Pdf Export Search The annotation of the C-ORAL-BRASIL oral through the implementation of the Palavras Parser
[L12-1333]: Eckhard Bick | Heliana Mello | Alessandro Panunzi | Tommaso Raso

Pdf Export Search Towards a Semantic Annotation of English Television News - Building and Evaluating a Constraint Grammar FrameNet
[Y12-1006]: Eckhard Bick

Pdf Export Search Tailored Feature Extraction for Lexical Disambiguation of English Verbs Based on Corpus Pattern Analysis
[C12-1073]: Martin Holub | Vincent Kríž | Silvie Cinková | Eckhard Bick


Pdf Export Search A FrameNet for Danish
[W11-4606]: Eckhard Bick

Pdf Export Search A Bare-bones Constraint Grammar
[Y11-1024]: Eckhard Bick


Pdf Export Search FrAG, a Hybrid Constraint Grammar Parser for French
[L10-1475]: Eckhard Bick

Pdf Export Search Degrees of Orality in Speech-like Corpora: Comparative Annotation of Chat and E-mail Corpora
[Y10-1084]: Eckhard Bick


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 17th Nordic Conference of Computational Linguistics (NODALIDA 2009)
[W09-4600]: Kristiina Jokinen | Eckhard Bick

Pdf Export Search Automatic Semantic Role Annotation for Spanish
[W09-4630]: Eckhard Bick | M. Pilar Valverde Ibáñez

Pdf Export Search DeepDict–A Graphical Corpus-based Dictionary of Word Relations
[W09-4642]: Eckhard Bick


Pdf Export Search Using Danish as a CG Interlingua: A Wide-Coverage Norwegian-English Machine Translation System
[W07-2405]: Eckhard Bick | Lars Nygaard

Pdf Export Search Hybrid Ways to Improve Domain Independence in an ML Dependency Parser
[D07-1120]: Eckhard Bick


Pdf Export Search LingPars, a Linguistically Inspired, Language-Independent Machine Learner for Dependency Treebanks
[W06-2923]: Eckhard Bick


Pdf Export Search A Named Entity Recognizer for Danish
[L04-1071]: Eckhard Bick


Pdf Export Search Floresta Sintá(c)tica: A treebank for Portuguese.
[L02-1001]: Susana Afonso | Eckhard Bick | Renato Haber | Diana Santos


Pdf Export Search The VISL System: Research and applicative aspects of IT-based learning
[W01-1702]: Eckhard Bick


Pdf Export Search Providing Internet Access to Portuguese Corpora: the AC/DC Project
[L00-1064]: Diana Santos | Eckhard Bick


Pdf Export Search Structural Lexical Heuristics in the Automatic Analysis of Portuguese
[W98-1605]: Eckhard Bick