Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Thirteenth Workshop on Innovative Use of NLP for Building Educational Applications
[W18-0500]: Joel Tetreault | Jill Burstein | Ekaterina Kochmar | Claudia Leacock | Helen Yannakoudakis

Pdf Export Search CAMB at CWI Shared Task 2018: Complex Word Identification with Ensemble-Based Voting
[W18-0520]: Sian Gooding | Ekaterina Kochmar


Pdf Export Search Modelling semantic acquisition in second language learning
[W17-5033]: Ekaterina Kochmar | Ekaterina Shutova


Pdf Export Search Text Readability Assessment for Second Language Learners
[W16-0502]: Menglin Xia | Ekaterina Kochmar | Ted Briscoe

Pdf Export Search Cross-Lingual Lexico-Semantic Transfer in Language Learning
[P16-1092]: Ekaterina Kochmar | Ekaterina Shutova

Pdf Export Search ‘Calling on the classical phone’: a distributional model of adjective-noun errors in learners’ English
[C16-1093]: Aurélie Herbelot | Ekaterina Kochmar


Pdf Export Search Using Learner Data to Improve Error Correction in Adjective–Noun Combinations
[W15-0627]: Ekaterina Kochmar | Ted Briscoe


Pdf Export Search Detecting Learner Errors in the Choice of Content Words Using Compositional Distributional Semantics
[C14-1164]: Ekaterina Kochmar | Ted Briscoe

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the ACL 2014 Student Research Workshop
[P14-3000]: Ekaterina Kochmar | Annie Louis | Svitlana Volkova | Jordan Boyd-Graber | Bill Byrne

Pdf Export Search Grammatical error correction using hybrid systems and type filtering
[W14-1702]: Mariano Felice | Zheng Yuan | Øistein E. Andersen | Helen Yannakoudakis | Ekaterina Kochmar


Pdf Export Search Capturing Anomalies in the Choice of Content Words in Compositional Distributional Semantic Space
[R13-1047]: Ekaterina Kochmar | Ted Briscoe


Pdf Export Search HOO 2012 Error Recognition and Correction Shared Task: Cambridge University Submission Report
[W12-2028]: Ekaterina Kochmar | Øistein Andersen | Ted Briscoe