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Pdf Export Search Simplification Using Paraphrases and Context-Based Lexical Substitution
[N18-1019]: Reno Kriz | Eleni Miltsakaki | Marianna Apidianaki | Chris Callison-Burch


Pdf Export Search Do NLP and machine learning improve traditional readability formulas?
[W12-2207]: Thomas François | Eleni Miltsakaki


Pdf Export Search Corpus-based Semantics of Concession: Where do Expectations Come from?
[L10-1088]: Livio Robaldo | Eleni Miltsakaki | Alessia Bianchini

Pdf Export Search Antelogue: Pronoun Resolution for Text and Dialogue
[C10-3011]: Eleni Miltsakaki


Pdf Export Search Matching Readers' Preferences and Reading Skills with Appropriate Web Texts
[E09-2013]: Eleni Miltsakaki


Pdf Export Search Real Time Web Text Classification and Analysis of Reading Difficulty
[W08-0911]: Eleni Miltsakaki | Audrey Troutt

Pdf Export Search Refining the Meaning of Sense Labels in PDTB: “Concession”
[W08-2217]: Livio Robaldo | Eleni Miltsakaki | Jerry R. Hobbs

Pdf Export Search The Penn Discourse TreeBank 2.0.
[L08-1093]: Rashmi Prasad | Nikhil Dinesh | Alan Lee | Eleni Miltsakaki | Livio Robaldo | Aravind Joshi | Bonnie Webber


Pdf Export Search Attribution and the (Non-)Alignment of Syntactic and Discourse Arguments of Connectives
[W05-0305]: Nikhil Dinesh | Alan Lee | Eleni Miltsakaki | Rashmi Prasad | Aravind Joshi | Bonnie Webber


Pdf Export Search The Penn Discourse Treebank
[L04-1386]: Eleni Miltsakaki | Rashmi Prasad | Aravind Joshi | Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search Annotation and Data Mining of the Penn Discourse TreeBank
[W04-0212]: Rashmi Prasad | Eleni Miltsakaki | Aravind Joshi | Bonnie Webber


Pdf Export Search Anaphoric arguments of discourse connectives: Semantic properties of antecedents versus non-antecedents
[W03-2608]: Eleni Miltsakaki | Cassandre Creswell | Katherine Forbes | Aravind Joshi | Bonnie Webber


Pdf Export Search Toward an Aposynthesis of Topic Continuity and Intrasentential Anaphora
[J02-3003]: Eleni Miltsakaki


Pdf Export Search The Role of Centering Theory's Rough-Shift in the Teaching and Evaluation of Writing Skills
[P00-1052]: Eleni Miltsakaki | Karen Kukich