Pdf Export Search Using relative entropy for detection and analysis of periods of diachronic linguistic change
[W18-4503]: Stefania Degaetano-Ortlieb | Elke Teich


Pdf Export Search The Making of the Royal Society Corpus
[W17-0503]: Jörg Knappen | Stefan Fischer | Hannah Kermes | Elke Teich | Peter Fankhauser

Pdf Export Search Modeling intra-textual variation with entropy and surprisal: topical vs. stylistic patterns
[W17-2209]: Stefania Degaetano-Ortlieb | Elke Teich


Pdf Export Search Information-based Modeling of Diachronic Linguistic Change: from Typicality to Productivity
[W16-2121]: Stefania Degaetano-Ortlieb | Elke Teich

Pdf Export Search Modeling Diachronic Change in Scientific Writing with Information Density
[C16-1072]: Raphael Rubino | Stefania Degaetano-Ortlieb | Elke Teich | Josef van Genabith


Pdf Export Search Exploring and Visualizing Variation in Language Resources
[L14-1191]: Peter Fankhauser | Jörg Knappen | Elke Teich

Pdf Export Search Data Mining with Shallow vs. Linguistic Features to Study Diversification of Scientific Registers
[L14-1264]: Stefania Degaetano-Ortlieb | Peter Fankhauser | Hannah Kermes | Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski | Noam Ordan | Elke Teich


Pdf Export Search Scientific registers and disciplinary diversification: a comparable corpus approach
[W13-2508]: Elke Teich | Stefania Degaetano-Ortlieb | Hannah Kermes | Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski


Pdf Export Search Feature Discovery for Diachronic Register Analysis: a Semi-Automatic Approach
[L12-1111]: Stefania Degaetano-Ortlieb | Ekaterina Lapshinova-Koltunski | Elke Teich


Pdf Export Search Corpus Annotation by Generation
[W06-0611]: Elke Teich | John A. Bateman | Richard Eckart


Pdf Export Search The MULI Project: Annotation and Analysis of Information Structure in German and English
[L04-1102]: Stefan Baumann | Caren Brinckmann | Silvia Hansen-Schirra | Geert-Jan Kruijff | Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová | Stella Neumann | Erich Steiner | Elke Teich | Hans Uszkoreit


Pdf Export Search Linear Order as Higher-Level Decision: Information Structure in Strategic and Tactical Generation
[W01-0810]: Geert-Jan M. Kruijff | Ivana Kruijff-Korbayovà | John Bateman | Elke Teich


Pdf Export Search Multilinguality in a Text Generation System For Three Slavic Languages
[C00-1069]: Geert-Jan Kruijff | Elke Teich | John Bateman | Ivana Kruijff-Korbayova | Hana Skoumalova | Serge Sharoff | Lena Sokolova | Tony Hartley | Kamenka Staykova | Jiri Hana

Pdf Export Search Matching a tone-based and tune-based approach to English intonation for concept-to-speech generation
[C00-2120]: Elke Teich | Catherine I. Watson | Cecile Pereira

Pdf Export Search Resources for Multilingual Text Generation in Three Slavic Languages
[L00-1182]: John Bateman | Elke Teich | Geert-Jan Kruijff | Ivanna Kruijff-Korbayová | Serge Sharoff | Hana Skoumalová


Pdf Export Search Types of syntagmatic grammatical relations and their representation
[W98-0505]: Elke Teich


Pdf Export Search Towards the Application of Text Generation in an Integrated Publication System
[W94-0318]: Elke Teich | John Bateman