Pdf Export Search Key-concept extraction from French articles with KX
[W12-1102]: Sara Tonelli | Elena Cabrio | Emanuele Pianta

Pdf Export Search Making Readability Indices Readable
[W12-2206]: Sara Tonelli | Ke Tran Manh | Emanuele Pianta


Pdf Export Search Annotating Events, Temporal Expressions and Relations in Italian: the It-Timeml Experience for the Ita-TimeBank
[W11-0418]: Tommaso Caselli | Valentina Bartalesi Lenzi | Rachele Sprugnoli | Emanuele Pianta | Irina Prodanof


Pdf Export Search A Resource for Investigating the Impact of Anaphora and Coreference on Inference.
[L10-1338]: Azad Abad | Luisa Bentivogli | Ido Dagan | Danilo Giampiccolo | Shachar Mirkin | Emanuele Pianta | Asher Stern

Pdf Export Search VenPro: A Morphological Analyzer for Venetan
[L10-1382]: Sara Tonelli | Emanuele Pianta | Rodolfo Delmonte | Michele Brunelli

Pdf Export Search A Feature Type Classification for Therapeutic Purposes: A Preliminary Evaluation with Non-Expert Speakers
[W10-1823]: Gianluca E. Lebani | Emanuele Pianta

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Lexical Resources for Therapeutic Purposes: the Case of WordNet and STaRS.sys
[W10-3403]: Gianluca E. Lebani | Emanuele Pianta

Pdf Export Search Extending English ACE 2005 Corpus Annotation with Ground-truth Links to Wikipedia
[W10-3503]: Luisa Bentivogli | Pamela Forner | Claudio Giuliano | Alessandro Marchetti | Emanuele Pianta | Kateryna Tymoshenko

Pdf Export Search Identifying and Ranking Topic Clusters in the Blogosphere
[W10-3507]: M. Atif Qureshi | Arjumand Younus | Muhammad Saeed | Nasir Touheed | Emanuele Pianta | Kateryna Tymoshenko

Pdf Export Search KX: A Flexible System for Keyphrase eXtraction
[S10-1036]: Emanuele Pianta | Sara Tonelli


Pdf Export Search Computing Implicit Entities and Events with Getaruns (short paper)
[W09-3727]: Rodolfo Delmonte | Emanuele Pianta

Pdf Export Search A novel approach to mapping FrameNet lexical units to WordNet synsets (short paper)
[W09-3740]: Sara Tonelli | Emanuele Pianta

Pdf Export Search Three Issues in Cross-Language Frame Information Transfer
[R09-1079]: Sara Tonelli | Emanuele Pianta


Pdf Export Search Answering Why-Questions in Closed Domains from a Discourse Model
[W08-2209]: Rodolfo Delmonte | Emanuele Pianta

Pdf Export Search L-ISA: Learning Domain Specific Isa-Relations from the Web
[L08-1180]: Alessandra Potrich | Emanuele Pianta

Pdf Export Search The TextPro Tool Suite
[L08-1408]: Emanuele Pianta | Christian Girardi | Roberto Zanoli

Pdf Export Search Frame Information Transfer from English to Italian
[L08-1550]: Sara Tonelli | Emanuele Pianta


Pdf Export Search IRST-BP: Preposition Disambiguation based on Chain Clarifying Relationships Contexts
[S07-1040]: Octavian Popescu | Sara Tonelli | Emanuele Pianta


Pdf Export Search Ontology Population from Textual Mentions: Task Definition and Benchmark
[W06-0504]: Bernardo Magnini | Emanuele Pianta | Octavian Popescu | Manuela Speranza

Pdf Export Search Representing and Accessing Multilevel Linguistic Annotation using the MEANING Format
[W06-2713]: Emanuele Pianta | Luisa Bentivogli | Christian Girardi | Bernardo Magnini


Pdf Export Search The Italian NESPOLE! Corpus: a Multilingual Database with Interlingua Annotation in Tourism and Medical Domains
[L04-1467]: Nadia Mana | Roldano Cattoni | Emanuele Pianta | Franca Rossi | Fabio Pianesi | Susanne Burger

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Cross-Language Annotation Transfer in the MultiSemCor Corpus
[C04-1053]: Luisa Bentivogli | Pamela Forner | Emanuele Pianta

Pdf Export Search Knowledge Intensive Word Alignment with KNOWA
[C04-1156]: Emanuele Pianta | Luisa Bentivogli

Pdf Export Search Revising the Wordnet Domains Hierarchy: semantics, coverage and balancing
[W04-2214]: Luisa Bentivogli | Pamela Forner | Bernardo Magnini | Emanuele Pianta


Pdf Export Search Beyond Lexical Units: Enriching WordNets with Phrasets
[E03-1018]: Luisa Bentivogli | Emanuele Pianta


Pdf Export Search Opportunistic Semantic Tagging.
[L02-1078]: Luisa Bentivogli | Emanuele Pianta


Pdf Export Search Coping with Lexical Gaps when Building Aligned Multilingual Wordnets
[L00-1179]: Luisa Bentivogli | Emanuele Pianta | Fabio Pianesi


Pdf Export Search Undestanding Stories in Different Languages with GETA-RUN
[E93-1058]: Dario Bianchi | Rodolfo Delmonte | Emanuele Pianta