Pdf Export Search BabyCloud, a Technological Platform for Parents and Researchers
[L18-1361]: Xuan-Nga Cao | Cyrille Dakhlia | Patricia Del Carmen | Mohamed-Amine Jaouani | Malik Ould-Arbi | Emmanuel Dupoux


Pdf Export Search Comparing Character-level Neural Language Models Using a Lexical Decision Task
[E17-2020]: Gaël Le Godais | Tal Linzen | Emmanuel Dupoux

Pdf Export Search The Role of Prosody and Speech Register in Word Segmentation: A Computational Modelling Perspective
[P17-2028]: Bogdan Ludusan | Reiko Mazuka | Mathieu Bernard | Alejandrina Cristia | Emmanuel Dupoux

Pdf Export Search Blind Phoneme Segmentation With Temporal Prediction Errors
[P17-3011]: Paul Michel | Okko Räsänen | Roland Thiollière | Emmanuel Dupoux


Pdf Export Search Assessing the Ability of LSTMs to Learn Syntax-Sensitive Dependencies
[Q16-1037]: Tal Linzen | Emmanuel Dupoux | Yoav Goldberg

Pdf Export Search Quantificational features in distributional word representations
[S16-2001]: Tal Linzen | Emmanuel Dupoux | Benjamin Spector


Pdf Export Search Motif discovery in infant- and adult-directed speech
[W15-2413]: Bogdan Ludusan | Amanda Seidl | Emmanuel Dupoux | Alex Cristia

Pdf Export Search Sign constraints on feature weights improve a joint model of word segmentation and phonology
[N15-1034]: Mark Johnson | Joe Pater | Robert Staubs | Emmanuel Dupoux

Pdf Export Search Prosodic boundary information helps unsupervised word segmentation
[N15-1096]: Bogdan Ludusan | Gabriel Synnaeve | Emmanuel Dupoux


Pdf Export Search Bridging the gap between speech technology and natural language processing: an evaluation toolbox for term discovery systems
[L14-1284]: Bogdan Ludusan | Maarten Versteegh | Aren Jansen | Guillaume Gravier | Xuan-Nga Cao | Mark Johnson | Emmanuel Dupoux

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Word Segmentation in Context
[C14-1219]: Gabriel Synnaeve | Isabelle Dautriche | Benjamin Börschinger | Mark Johnson | Emmanuel Dupoux

Pdf Export Search Modelling function words improves unsupervised word segmentation
[P14-1027]: Mark Johnson | Anne Christophe | Emmanuel Dupoux | Katherine Demuth

Pdf Export Search Exploring the Relative Role of Bottom-up and Top-down Information in Phoneme Learning
[P14-2001]: Abdellah Fourtassi | Thomas Schatz | Balakrishnan Varadarajan | Emmanuel Dupoux

Pdf Export Search A Rudimentary Lexicon and Semantics Help Bootstrap Phoneme Acquisition
[W14-1620]: Abdellah Fourtassi | Emmanuel Dupoux


Pdf Export Search Why is English so easy to segment?
[W13-2601]: Abdellah Fourtassi | Benjamin Börschinger | Mark Johnson | Emmanuel Dupoux

Pdf Export Search A corpus-based evaluation method for Distributional Semantic Models
[P13-3024]: Abdellah Fourtassi | Emmanuel Dupoux


Pdf Export Search Testing the Robustness of Online Word Segmentation: Effects of Linguistic Diversity and Phonetic Variation
[W11-0601]: Luc Boruta | Sharon Peperkamp | Benoît Crabbé | Emmanuel Dupoux


Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Learning of Acoustic Sub-word Units
[P08-2042]: Balakrishnan Varadarajan | Sanjeev Khudanpur | Emmanuel Dupoux