Pdf Export Search Sentence Compression by Deletion with LSTMs
[D15-1042]: Katja Filippova | Enrique Alfonseca | Carlos A. Colmenares | Lukasz Kaiser | Oriol Vinyals

Pdf Export Search Idest: Learning a Distributed Representation for Event Patterns
[N15-1120]: Sebastian Krause | Enrique Alfonseca | Katja Filippova | Daniele Pighin


Pdf Export Search Modelling Events through Memory-based, Open-IE Patterns for Abstractive Summarization
[P14-1084]: Daniele Pighin | Marco Cornolti | Enrique Alfonseca | Katja Filippova


Pdf Export Search HEADY: News headline abstraction through event pattern clustering
[P13-1122]: Enrique Alfonseca | Daniele Pighin | Guillermo Garrido


Pdf Export Search Pattern Learning for Relation Extraction with a Hierarchical Topic Model
[P12-2011]: Enrique Alfonseca | Katja Filippova | Jean-Yves Delort | Guillermo Garrido

Pdf Export Search DualSum: a Topic-Model based approach for update summarization
[E12-1022]: Jean-Yves Delort | Enrique Alfonseca


Pdf Export Search Instance Sense Induction from Attribute Sets
[C10-2094]: Ricardo Martin-Brualla | Enrique Alfonseca | Marius Pasca | Keith Hall | Enrique Robledo-Arnuncio | Massimiliano Ciaramita


Pdf Export Search A Study on Similarity and Relatedness Using Distributional and WordNet-based Approaches
[N09-1003]: Eneko Agirre | Enrique Alfonseca | Keith Hall | Jana Kravalova | Marius Pasca | Aitor Soroa

Pdf Export Search Large-scale Computation of Distributional Similarities for Queries
[N09-2008]: Enrique Alfonseca | Keith Hall | Silvana Hartmann

Pdf Export Search Gazpacho and summer rash: lexical relationships from temporal patterns of web search queries
[D09-1109]: Enrique Alfonseca | Massimiliano Ciaramita | Keith Hall


Pdf Export Search Decompounding query keywords from compounding languages
[P08-2064]: Enrique Alfonseca | Slaven Bilac | Stefan Pharies


Pdf Export Search Support Vector Machines for Query-focused Summarization trained and evaluated on Pyramid data
[P07-2015]: Maria Fuentes | Enrique Alfonseca | Horacio Rodríguez


Pdf Export Search Towards Large-scale Non-taxonomic Relation Extraction: Estimating the Precision of Rote Extractors
[W06-0507]: Enrique Alfonseca | Maria Ruiz-Casado | Manabu Okumura | Pablo Castells

Pdf Export Search A Rote Extractor with Edit Distance-Based Generalisation and Multi-Corpora Precision Calculation
[P06-2002]: Enrique Alfonseca | Pablo Castells | Manabu Okumura | Maria Ruiz-Casado


Pdf Export Search Application of the BLEU Method for Evaluating Free-text Answers in an E-learning Environment
[L04-1384]: Diana Pérez | Enrique Alfonseca | Pilar Rodríguez


Pdf Export Search Improving an Ontology Refinement Method with Hyponymy Patterns.
[L02-1037]: Enrique Alfonseca | Suresh Manandhar

Pdf Export Search Proposal for Evaluating Ontology Refinement Methods.
[L02-1038]: Enrique Alfonseca | Suresh Manandhar