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Pdf Export Search EviNets: Neural Networks for Combining Evidence Signals for Factoid Question Answering
[P17-2047]: Denis Savenkov | Eugene Agichtein


Pdf Export Search Crowdsourcing for (almost) Real-time Question Answering
[W16-0102]: Denis Savenkov | Scott Weitzner | Eugene Agichtein


Pdf Export Search Relation Extraction from Community Generated Question-Answer Pairs
[N15-2013]: Denis Savenkov | Wei-Lwun Lu | Jeff Dalton | Eugene Agichtein


Pdf Export Search Towards Tracking Political Sentiment through Microblog Data
[W14-2712]: Yu Wang | Tom Clark | Jeffrey Staton | Eugene Agichtein


Pdf Export Search The Answer is at your Fingertips: Improving Passage Retrieval for Web Question Answering with Search Behavior Data
[D13-1103]: Mikhail Ageev | Dmitry Lagun | Eugene Agichtein


Pdf Export Search The “Nays” Have It: Exploring Effects of Sentiment in Collaborative Knowledge Sharing
[W10-0501]: Ablimit Aji | Eugene Agichtein

Pdf Export Search Towards Automatic Question Answering over Social Media by Learning Question Equivalence Patterns
[W10-0505]: Tianyong Hao | Wenyin Liu | Eugene Agichtein

Pdf Export Search Query Ambiguity Revisited: Clickthrough Measures for Distinguishing Informational and Ambiguous Queries
[N10-1055]: Yu Wang | Eugene Agichtein


Pdf Export Search CoCQA: Co-Training over Questions and Answers with an Application to Predicting Question Subjectivity Orientation
[D08-1098]: Baoli Li | Yandong Liu | Eugene Agichtein

Pdf Export Search You've Got Answers: Towards Personalized Models for Predicting Success in Community Question Answering
[P08-2025]: Yandong Liu | Eugene Agichtein

Pdf Export Search Tutorial Abstracts of ACL-08: HLT
[P08-5000]: Ani Nenkova | Marilyn Walker | Eugene Agichtein


Pdf Export Search Exploiting Diverse Knowledge Sources via Maximum Entropy in Named Entity Recognition
[W98-1118]: Andrew Borthwick | John Sterling | Eugene Agichtein | Ralph Grishman