Pdf Export Search An Evaluation of Neural Machine Translation Models on Historical Spelling Normalization
[C18-1112]: Gongbo Tang | Fabienne Cap | Eva Pettersson | Joakim Nivre


Pdf Export Search Annotating errors in student texts: First experiences and experiments
[W17-0306]: Sara Stymne | Eva Pettersson | Beáta Megyesi | Anne Palmér

Pdf Export Search Comparing Rule-based and SMT-based Spelling Normalisation for English Historical Texts
[W17-0508]: Gerold Schneider | Eva Pettersson | Michael Percillier


Pdf Export Search Improving Verb Phrase Extraction from Historical Text by use of Verb Valency Frames
[W15-1820]: Eva Pettersson | Joakim Nivre

Pdf Export Search Ranking Relevant Verb Phrases Extracted from Historical Text
[W15-3706]: Eva Pettersson | Beáta Megyesi | Joakim Nivre


Pdf Export Search A Multilingual Evaluation of Three Spelling Normalisation Methods for Historical Text
[W14-0605]: Eva Pettersson | Beáta Megyesi | Joakim Nivre


Pdf Export Search Normalisation of Historical Text Using Context-Sensitive Weighted Levenshtein Distance and Compound Splitting
[W13-5617]: Eva Pettersson | Beáta Megyesi | Joakim Nivre


Pdf Export Search Parsing the Past - Identification of Verb Constructions in Historical Text
[W12-1010]: Eva Pettersson | Beáta Megyesi | Joakim Nivre


Pdf Export Search Automatic Verb Extraction from Historical Swedish Texts
[W11-1512]: Eva Pettersson | Joakim Nivre


Pdf Export Search Swedish-Turkish Parallel Treebank
[L08-1571]: Beáta Megyesi | Bengt Dahlqvist | Eva Pettersson | Joakim Nivre


Pdf Export Search MT Goes Farming: Comparing Two Machine Translation Approaches on a New Domain
[L04-1474]: Per Weijnitz | Eva Forsbom | Ebba Gustavii | Eva Pettersson | Jörg Tiedemann