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Pdf Export Search Evaluating bilingual word embeddings on the long tail
[N18-2030]: Fabienne Braune | Viktor Hangya | Tobias Eder | Alexander Fraser

Pdf Export Search Presentation Two Methods for Domain Adaptation of Bilingual Tasks: Delightfully Simple and Broadly Applicable
[P18-1075]: Viktor Hangya | Fabienne Braune | Alexander Fraser | Hinrich Schütze


Pdf Export Search LMU Munich’s Neural Machine Translation Systems for News Articles and Health Information Texts
[W17-4730]: Matthias Huck | Fabienne Braune | Alexander Fraser


Pdf Export Search A Framework for Discriminative Rule Selection in Hierarchical Moses
[W16-2210]: Fabienne Braune | Alexander Fraser | Hal Daumé III | Aleš Tamchyna

Pdf Export Search The QT21/HimL Combined Machine Translation System
[W16-2320]: Jan-Thorsten Peter | Tamer Alkhouli | Hermann Ney | Matthias Huck | Fabienne Braune | Alexander Fraser | Aleš Tamchyna | Ondřej Bojar | Barry Haddow | Rico Sennrich | Frédéric Blain | Lucia Specia | Jan Niehues | Alex Waibel | Alexandre Allauzen | Lauriane Aufrant | Franck Burlot | elena knyazeva | Thomas Lavergne | François Yvon | Mārcis Pinnis | Stella Frank


Pdf Export Search Rule Selection with Soft Syntactic Features for String-to-Tree Statistical Machine Translation
[D15-1129]: Fabienne Braune | Nina Seemann | Alexander Fraser

Pdf Export Search String-to-Tree Multi Bottom-up Tree Transducers
[P15-1079]: Nina Seemann | Fabienne Braune | Andreas Maletti


Pdf Export Search Mapping Between English Strings and Reentrant Semantic Graphs
[L14-1061]: Fabienne Braune | Daniel Bauer | Kevin Knight


Pdf Export Search Shallow Local Multi-Bottom-up Tree Transducers in Statistical Machine Translation
[P13-1080]: Fabienne Braune | Nina Seemann | Daniel Quernheim | Andreas Maletti


Pdf Export Search Preservation of Recognizability for Weighted Linear Extended Top-Down Tree Transducers
[W12-0801]: Nina Seemann | Daniel Quernheim | Fabienne Braune | Andreas Maletti

Pdf Export Search Composing extended top-down tree transducers
[E12-1082]: Aurelie Lagoutte | Fabienne Braune | Daniel Quernheim | Andreas Maletti


Pdf Export Search Improved Unsupervised Sentence Alignment for Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Parallel Corpora
[C10-2010]: Fabienne Braune | Alexander Fraser