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Pdf Export Search Real-Time Detection, Tracking, and Monitoring of Automatically Discovered Events in Social Media
[P14-5007]: Miles Osborne | Sean Moran | Richard McCreadie | Alexander Von Lunen | Martin Sykora | Elizabeth Cano | Neil Ireson | Craig Macdonald | Iadh Ounis | Yulan He | Tom Jackson | Fabio Ciravegna | Ann O'Brien


Pdf Export Search Mining Equivalent Relations from Linked Data
[P13-2052]: Ziqi Zhang | Anna Lisa Gentile | Isabelle Augenstein | Eva Blomqvist | Fabio Ciravegna


Pdf Export Search Unsupervised document zone identification using probabilistic graphical models
[L12-1523]: Andrea Varga | Daniel Preotiuc-Pietro | Fabio Ciravegna

Pdf Export Search Automatically Extracting Procedural Knowledge from Instructional Texts using Natural Language Processing
[L12-1094]: Ziqi Zhang | Philip Webster | Victoria Uren | Andrea Varga | Fabio Ciravegna


Pdf Export Search Harnessing different knowledge sources to measure semantic relatedness under a uniform model
[D11-1092]: Ziqi Zhang | Anna Lisa Gentile | Fabio Ciravegna


Pdf Export Search Improving Domain-specific Entity Recognition with Automatic Term Recognition and Feature Extraction
[L10-1146]: Ziqi Zhang | José Iria | Fabio Ciravegna


Pdf Export Search Using Similarity Metrics For Terminology Recognition
[L08-1156]: Jonathan Butters | Fabio Ciravegna

Pdf Export Search A Comparative Evaluation of Term Recognition Algorithms
[L08-1281]: Ziqi Zhang | Jose Iria | Christopher Brewster | Fabio Ciravegna

Pdf Export Search Saxon: an Extensible Multimedia Annotator
[L08-1462]: Mark Greenwood | José Iria | Fabio Ciravegna


Pdf Export Search An Experimental Study on Boundary Classification Algorithms for Information Extraction using SVM
[W06-2203]: Jose Iria | Neil Ireson | Fabio Ciravegna


Pdf Export Search Mining Web Sites Using Unsupervised Adaptive Information Extraction
[E03-1011]: Alexiei Dingli | Fabio Ciravegna | David Guthrie | Yorick Wilks


Pdf Export Search Using HLT for Acquiring, Retrieving and Publishing Knowledge in AKT
[W01-1004]: Kalina Bontcheva | Christopher Brewster | Fabio Ciravegna | Hamish Cunningham | Louise Guthrie | Robert Gaizauskas | Yorick Wilks


Pdf Export Search Full Text Parsing using Cascades of Rules: an Information Extraction Perspective
[E99-1014]: Fabio Ciravegna | Alberto Lavelli


Pdf Export Search Participatory Design for Linguistic Engineering: the Case of the GEPPETTO Development Environment
[W97-1503]: Fabio Ciravegna | Alberto Lavelli | Daniela Petrelli | Fabio Pianesi