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Pdf Export Search Modeling Localness for Self-Attention Networks
[D18-1475]: Baosong Yang | Zhaopeng Tu | Derek F. Wong | Fandong Meng | Lidia S. Chao | Tong Zhang

Pdf Export Search Poster Towards Robust Neural Machine Translation
[P18-1163]: Yong Cheng | Zhaopeng Tu | Fandong Meng | Junjie Zhai | Yang Liu


Pdf Export Search Interactive Attention for Neural Machine Translation
[C16-1205]: Fandong Meng | Zhengdong Lu | Hang Li | Qun Liu


Pdf Export Search Encoding Source Language with Convolutional Neural Network for Machine Translation
[P15-1003]: Fandong Meng | Zhengdong Lu | Mingxuan Wang | Hang Li | Wenbin Jiang | Qun Liu


Pdf Export Search A Dependency Edge-based Transfer Model for Statistical Machine Translation
[C14-1104]: Hongshen Chen | Jun Xie | Fandong Meng | Wenbin Jiang | Qun Liu

Pdf Export Search Modeling Term Translation for Document-informed Machine Translation
[D14-1060]: Fandong Meng | Deyi Xiong | Wenbin Jiang | Qun Liu


Pdf Export Search Translation with Source Constituency and Dependency Trees
[D13-1108]: Fandong Meng | Jun Xie | Linfeng Song | Yajuan Lü | Qun Liu


Pdf Export Search Discriminative Boosting from Dictionary and Raw Text – A Novel Approach to Build A Chinese Word Segmenter
[C12-2080]: Fandong Meng | Wenbin Jiang | Hao Xiong | Qun Liu

Pdf Export Search Iterative Annotation Transformation with Predict-Self Reestimation for Chinese Word Segmentation
[D12-1038]: Wenbin Jiang | Fandong Meng | Qun Liu | Yajuan Lü

Pdf Export Search ICT: A Translation based Method for Cross-lingual Textual Entailment
[S12-1108]: Fandong Meng | Hao Xiong | Qun Liu


Pdf Export Search ETS: An Error Tolerable System for Coreference Resolution
[W11-1911]: Hao Xiong | Linfeng Song | Fandong Meng | Yang Liu | Qun Liu | Yajuan Lv