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Pdf Export Search Using Relevant Public Posts to Enhance News Article Summarization
[C16-1054]: Chen Li | Zhongyu Wei | Yang Liu | Yang Jin | Fei Huang

Pdf Export Search Semi-supervised Convolutional Networks for Translation Adaptation with Tiny Amount of In-domain Data
[K16-1031]: Boxing Chen | Fei Huang


Pdf Export Search Attachment Improved Arabic Dialect Classification with Social Media Data
[D15-1254]: Fei Huang


Pdf Export Search Learning Representations for Weakly Supervised Natural Language Processing Tasks
[J14-1004]: Fei Huang | Arun Ahuja | Doug Downey | Yi Yang | Yuhong Guo | Alexander Yates

Pdf Export Search Adaptive HTER Estimation for Document-Specific MT Post-Editing
[P14-1081]: Fei Huang | Jian-Ming Xu | Abraham Ittycheriah | Salim Roukos

Pdf Export Search Improving Word Alignment Using Linguistic Code Switching Data
[E14-1001]: Fei Huang | Alexander Yates


Pdf Export Search Generalized Reordering Rules for Improved SMT
[P13-2069]: Fei Huang | Cezar Pendus


Pdf Export Search Biased Representation Learning for Domain Adaptation
[D12-1120]: Fei Huang | Alexander Yates

Pdf Export Search Scoring Spoken Responses Based on Content Accuracy
[W12-2014]: Fei Huang | Lei Chen | Jana Sukkarieh


Pdf Export Search Goodness: A Method for Measuring Machine Translation Confidence
[P11-1022]: Nguyen Bach | Fei Huang | Yaser Al-Onaizan

Pdf Export Search Language Models as Representations for Weakly Supervised NLP Tasks
[W11-0315]: Fei Huang | Alexander Yates | Arun Ahuja | Doug Downey


Pdf Export Search Open-Domain Semantic Role Labeling by Modeling Word Spans
[P10-1099]: Fei Huang | Alexander Yates

Pdf Export Search Exploring Representation-Learning Approaches to Domain Adaptation
[W10-2604]: Fei Huang | Alexander Yates

Pdf Export Search Feature-Rich Discriminative Phrase Rescoring for SMT
[C10-1056]: Fei Huang | Bing Xiang


Pdf Export Search Distributional Representations for Handling Sparsity in Supervised Sequence-Labeling
[P09-1056]: Fei Huang | Alexander Yates

Pdf Export Search Confidence Measure for Word Alignment
[P09-1105]: Fei Huang


Pdf Export Search When Harry Met Harri: Cross-lingual Name Spelling Normalization
[D08-1041]: Fei Huang | Ahmad Emami | Imed Zitouni


Pdf Export Search Hierarchical System Combination for Machine Translation
[D07-1029]: Fei Huang | Kishore Papineni


Pdf Export Search Cluster-specific Named Entity Transliteration
[H05-1055]: Fei Huang

Pdf Export Search Mining Key Phrase Translations from Web Corpora
[H05-1061]: Fei Huang | Ying Zhang | Stephan Vogel


Pdf Export Search Improving Named Entity Translation Combining Phonetic and Semantic Similarities
[N04-1036]: Fei Huang | Stephan Vogel | Alex Waibel


Pdf Export Search Automatic Extraction of Named Entity Translingual Equivalence Based on Multi-Feature Cost Minimization
[W03-1502]: Fei Huang | Stephan Vogel | Alex Waibel