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Pdf Export Search Events are Not Simple: Identity, Non-Identity, and Quasi-Identity
[W13-1203]: Eduard Hovy | Teruko Mitamura | Felisa Verdejo | Jun Araki | Andrew Philpot


Pdf Export Search The Heterogeneity Principle in Evaluation Measures for Automatic Summarization
[W12-2605]: Enrique Amigó | Julio Gonzalo | Felisa Verdejo

Pdf Export Search UNED: Improving Text Similarity Measures without Human Assessments
[S12-1062]: Enrique Amigó | Jesus Gimenez | Julio Gonzalo | Felisa Verdejo


Pdf Export Search Corroborating Text Evaluation Results with Heterogeneous Measures
[D11-1042]: Enrique Amigó | Julio Gonzalo | Jesus Gimenez | Felisa Verdejo


Pdf Export Search The Contribution of Linguistic Features to Automatic Machine Translation Evaluation
[P09-1035]: Enrique Amigó | Jesús Giménez | Julio Gonzalo | Felisa Verdejo


Pdf Export Search Experiments of UNED at the Third Recognising Textual Entailment Challenge
[W07-1415]: Álvaro Rodrigo | Anselmo Peñas | Jesús Herrera | Felisa Verdejo


Pdf Export Search Evaluating DUC 2004 Tasks with the QARLA Framework
[W05-0907]: Enrique Amigó | Julio Gonzalo | Anselmo Peñas | Felisa Verdejo

Pdf Export Search QARLA: A Framework for the Evaluation of Text Summarization Systems
[P05-1035]: Enrique Amigó | Julio Gonzalo | Anselmo Peñas | Felisa Verdejo


Pdf Export Search An Empirical Study of Information Synthesis Task
[P04-1027]: Enrique Amigo | Julio Gonzalo | Victor Peinado | Anselmo Peñas | Felisa Verdejo

Pdf Export Search Using syntactic information to extract relevant terms for multi-document summarization
[C04-1094]: Enrique Amigó | Julio Gonzalo | Víctor Peinado | Anselmo Peñas | Felisa Verdejo

Pdf Export Search Word Sense Disambiguation based on term to term similarity in a context space
[W04-0816]: Javier Artiles | Anselmo Penas | Felisa Verdejo


Pdf Export Search Automatic Association of Web Directories with Word Senses
[J03-3006]: Celina Santamaría | Julio Gonzalo | Felisa Verdejo


Pdf Export Search A Study of Polysemy and Sense Proximity in the Senseval-2 Test Suite
[W02-0805]: Irina Chugur | Julio Gonzalo | Felisa Verdejo


Pdf Export Search The UNED Systems at SENSEVAL-2
[S01-1018]: David Fernández-Amorós | Julio Gonzalo | Felisa Verdejo


Pdf Export Search Evaluating Wordnets in Cross-language Information Retrieval: the ITEM Search Engine
[L00-1189]: Felisa Verdejo | Julio Gonzalo | Anselmo Peñas | Fernando López | David Fernández

Pdf Export Search Sense clusters for Information Retrieval: Evidence from Semcor and the EuroWordNet InterLingual Index
[W00-0802]: Julio Gonzalo | Ixina Chugur | Felisa Verdejo


Pdf Export Search Lexical ambiguity and Information Retrieval revisited
[W99-0624]: Julio Gonzalo | Anselmo Penas | Felisa Verdejo

Pdf Export Search An Open Distance Learning Web-Course for NLP in IR
[W99-0808]: Felisa Verdejo | Julio Gonzalo | Anselmo Penas


Pdf Export Search Indexing with WordNet synsets can improve text retrieval
[W98-0705]: Julio Gonzalo | Felisa Verdejo | Irina Chugur | Juan Cigarran


Pdf Export Search SEISD: An environment for extraction of Semantic Information from on-line dictionaries
[A92-1044]: Alicia Agent | Irene Castellon | M. A. Marti | German Rigau | Francese Ribas | Horaeio Rodriguez | Mariona Taule | Felisa Verdejo