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Pdf Export Search Contractions: To Align or Not to Align, That Is the Question
[W18-3816]: Anabela Barreiro | Fernando Batista


Pdf Export Search Machine Translation of Non-Contiguous Multiword Units
[W16-0903]: Anabela Barreiro | Fernando Batista


Pdf Export Search Revising the annotation of a Broadcast News corpus: a linguistic approach
[L14-1017]: Vera Cabarrão | Helena Moniz | Fernando Batista | Ricardo Ribeiro | Nuno Mamede | Hugo Meinedo | Isabel Trancoso | Ana Isabel Mata | David Martins de Matos

Pdf Export Search OpenLogos Semantico-Syntactic Knowledge-Rich Bilingual Dictionaries
[L14-1109]: Anabela Barreiro | Fernando Batista | Ricardo Ribeiro | Helena Moniz | Isabel Trancoso

Pdf Export Search Teenage and adult speech in school context: building and processing a corpus of European Portuguese
[L14-1132]: Ana Isabel Mata | Helena Moniz | Fernando Batista | Julia Hirschberg

Pdf Export Search Prosodic, syntactic, semantic guidelines for topic structures across domains and corpora
[L14-1141]: Ana Isabel Mata | Helena Moniz | Telmo Móia | Anabela Gonçalves | Fátima Silva | Fernando Batista | Inês Duarte | Fátima Oliveira | Isabel Falé

Pdf Export Search Linguistic Evaluation of Support Verb Constructions by OpenLogos and Google Translate
[L14-1176]: Anabela Barreiro | Johanna Monti | Brigitte Orliac | Susanne Preuß | Kutz Arrieta | Wang Ling | Fernando Batista | Isabel Trancoso


Pdf Export Search Language Dynamics and Capitalization using Maximum Entropy
[P08-2001]: Fernando Batista | Nuno Mamede | Isabel Trancoso


Pdf Export Search Some Language Resources and Tools for Computational Processing of Portuguese at INESC
[L00-1195]: Luzia Wittmann | Ricardo Daniel Ribeiro | Tânia Pêgo | Fernando Batista