Pdf Export Search MOCCA: Measure of Confidence for Corpus Analysis - Automatic Reliability Check of Transcript and Automatic Segmentation
[L18-1281]: Thomas Kisler | Florian Schiel

Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Automatic Formant Trackers
[L18-1449]: Florian Schiel | Thomas Zitzelsberger

Pdf Export Search A Web Service for Pre-segmenting Very Long Transcribed Speech Recordings
[L18-1452]: Nina Poerner | Florian Schiel


Pdf Export Search Untrained Forced Alignment of Transcriptions and Audio for Language Documentation Corpora using WebMAUS
[L14-1123]: Jan Strunk | Florian Schiel | Frank Seifart

Pdf Export Search German Alcohol Language Corpus - the Question of Dialect
[L14-1352]: Florian Schiel | Thomas Kisler


Pdf Export Search Statistical Evaluation of Pronunciation Encoding
[L12-1199]: Iris Merkus | Florian Schiel


Pdf Export Search BAStat : New Statistical Resources at the Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals
[L10-1191]: Florian Schiel


Pdf Export Search Talking and Looking: the SmartWeb Multimodal Interaction Corpus
[L08-1046]: Florian Schiel | Hannes Mögele

Pdf Export Search F0 of Adolescent Speakers - First Results for the German Ph@ttSessionz Database
[L08-1196]: Christoph Draxler | Florian Schiel | Tania Ellbogen

Pdf Export Search ALC: Alcohol Language Corpus
[L08-1502]: Florian Schiel | Christian Heinrich | Sabine Barfüßer | Thomas Gilg


Pdf Export Search The BITS Speech Synthesis Corpus for German
[L04-1057]: Tania Ellbogen | Florian Schiel | Alexander Steffen

Pdf Export Search MAUS Goes Iterative
[L04-1058]: Florian Schiel


Pdf Export Search Three New Corpora at the Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals – and a First Step Towards Distributed Web-Based Recording.
[L02-1020]: Christoph Draxler | Florian Schiel

Pdf Export Search The SmartKom Multimodal Corpus at BAS.
[L02-1049]: Florian Schiel | Silke Steininger | Ulrich Türk

Pdf Export Search Multi-Tier Annotations in the Verbmobil Corpus.
[L02-1064]: Karl Weilhammer | Uwe Reichel | Florian Schiel

Pdf Export Search User-State Labeling Procedures For The Multimodal Data Collection Of SmartKom.
[L02-1352]: Silke Steininger | Florian Schiel | Angelika Glesner