Pdf Export Search One Language to rule them all: modelling Morphological Patterns in a Large Scale Italian Lexicon with SWRL
[L18-1694]: Fahad Khan | Andrea Bellandi | Francesca Frontini | Monica Monachini


Pdf Export Search Situating Word Senses in their Historical Context with Linked Data
[W17-6916]: Fahad Khan | Jack Bowers | Francesca Frontini

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of Language, Ontology, Terminology and Knowledge Structures Workshop (LOTKS 2017)
[W17-7000]: Francesca Frontini | Larisa Grčić Simeunović | Špela Vintar | Anas Fahad Khan | Artemis Parvisi


Pdf Export Search Using Ontologies to Model Polysemy in Lexical Resources
[W15-0404]: Fahad Khan | Francesca Frontini


Pdf Export Search The IMAGACT Visual Ontology. An Extendable Multilingual Infrastructure for the representation of lexical encoding of Action
[L14-1281]: Massimo Moneglia | Susan Brown | Francesca Frontini | Gloria Gagliardi | Fahad Khan | Monica Monachini | Alessandro Panunzi

Pdf Export Search Polysemy Index for Nouns: an Experiment on Italian using the PAROLE SIMPLE CLIPS Lexical Database
[L14-1455]: Francesca Frontini | Valeria Quochi | Sebastian Padó | Monica Monachini | Jason Utt

Pdf Export Search Presenting a system of human-machine interaction for performing map tasks.
[L14-1463]: Gabriele Pallotti | Francesca Frontini | Fabio Affè | Monica Monachini | Stefania Ferrari

Pdf Export Search Generating Polarity Lexicons with WordNet propagation in 5 languages
[L14-1653]: Isa Maks | Ruben Izquierdo | Francesca Frontini | Rodrigo Agerri | Piek Vossen | Andoni Azpeitia


Pdf Export Search Generative Lexicon Theory and Linguistic Linked Open Data
[W13-5409]: Fahad Khan | Francesca Frontini | Riccardo Del Gratta | Monica Monachini | Valeria Quochi

Pdf Export Search Disambiguation of Basic Action Types through Nouns' Telic Qualia
[W13-5410]: Irene Russo | Francesca Frontini | Irene De Felice | Fahad Khan | Monica Monachini

Pdf Export Search Towards the establishment of a linguistic linked data network for Italian
[W13-5512]: Roberto Bartolini | Riccardo Del Gratta | Francesca Frontini


Pdf Export Search A MWE Acquisition and Lexicon Builder Web Service
[C12-1140]: Valeria Quochi | Francesca Frontini | Francesco Rubino

Pdf Export Search Customizable SCF Acquisition in Italian
[L12-1198]: Tommaso Caselli | Francesco Rubino | Francesca Frontini | Irene Russo | Valeria Quochi

Pdf Export Search The Language Library: supporting community effort for collective resource production
[L12-1202]: Riccardo Del Gratta | Francesca Frontini | Francesco Rubino | Irene Russo | Nicoletta Calzolari

Pdf Export Search The IMAGACT Cross-linguistic Ontology of Action. A new infrastructure for natural language disambiguation
[L12-1222]: Massimo Moneglia | Monica Monachini | Omar Calabrese | Alessandro Panunzi | Francesca Frontini | Gloria Gagliardi | Irene Russo

Pdf Export Search Integrating NLP Tools in a Distributed Environment: A Case Study Chaining a Tagger with a Dependency Parser
[L12-1422]: Francesco Rubino | Francesca Frontini | Valeria Quochi

Pdf Export Search The META-SHARE Metadata Schema for the Description of Language Resources
[L12-1593]: Maria Gavrilidou | Penny Labropoulou | Elina Desipri | Stelios Piperidis | Haris Papageorgiou | Monica Monachini | Francesca Frontini | Thierry Declerck | Gil Francopoulo | Victoria Arranz | Valérie Mapelli

Pdf Export Search Verb interpretation for basic action types: annotation, ontology induction and creation of prototypical scenes
[W12-5106]: Francesca Frontini | Irene de Felice | Fahad Khan | Irene Russo | Monica Monachini | Gloria Gagliardi | Alessandro Panunzi


Pdf Export Search A Metadata Schema for the Description of Language Resources (LRs)
[W11-3311]: Maria Gavrilidou | Penny Labropoulou | Stelios Piperidis | Monica Monachini | Francesca Frontini | Gil Francopoulo | Victoria Arranz | Valèrie Mapelli

Pdf Export Search The Language Library: Many Layers, More Knowledge
[W11-3312]: Nicoletta Calzolari | Riccardo Del Gratta | Francesca Frontini | Irene Russo