Pdf Export Search Handling Normalization Issues for Part-of-Speech Tagging of Online Conversational Text
[L18-1014]: Géraldine Damnati | Jérémy Auguste | Alexis Nasr | Delphine Charlet | Johannes Heinecke | Frédéric Béchet


Pdf Export Search A Collection of Scholarly Book Reviews from the Platforms of electronic sources in Humanities and Social Sciences OpenEdition.org
[L14-1660]: Chahinez Benkoussas | Hussam Hamdan | Patrice Bellot | Frédéric Béchet | Elodie Faath

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of TALN 2014 (Volume 1: Long Papers)
[F14-1000]: Philippe Blache | Frédéric Béchet | Brigitte Bigi

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of TALN 2014 (Volume 2: Short Papers)
[F14-2000]: Philippe Blache | Frédéric Béchet | Brigitte Bigi

Pdf Export Search Impact of the nature and size of the training set on performance in the automatic detection of named entities (Impact de la nature et de la taille des corpus d'apprentissage sur les performances dans la détection automatique des entités nommées) [in French]
[F14-2021]: Anaïs Ollagnier | Sébastien Fournier | Patrice Bellot | Frédéric Béchet


Pdf Export Search A Joint Named Entity Recognition and Entity Linking System
[W12-0508]: Rosa Stern | Benoît Sagot | Frédéric Béchet

Pdf Export Search Percol0 - un système multimodal de détection de personnes dans des documents vidéo (Percol0 - A multimodal person detection system in video documents) [in French]
[F12-1070]: Frédéric Béchet | Rémi Auguste | Stéphane Ayache | Delphine Charlet | Géraldine Damnati | Benoît Favre | Corinne Fredouille | Christophe Lévy | Georges Linarès | Jean Martinet


Pdf Export Search The EPAC Corpus: Manual and Automatic Annotations of Conversational Speech in French Broadcast News
[L10-1442]: Yannick Estève | Thierry Bazillon | Jean-Yves Antoine | Frédéric Béchet | Jérôme Farinas


Pdf Export Search Experiments on the France Telecom 3000 Voice Agency corpus: academic research on an industrial spoken dialog system
[W07-0307]: Géraldine Damnati | Frédéric Béchet | Renato De Mori


Pdf Export Search The French MEDIA/EVALDA Project: the Evaluation of the Understanding Capability of Spoken Language Dialogue Systems
[L04-1199]: Laurence Devillers | Hélène Maynard | Sophie Rosset | Patrick Paroubek | Kevin McTait | D. Mostefa | Khalid Choukri | Laurent Charnay | Caroline Bousquet | Nadine Vigouroux | Frédéric Béchet | Laurent Romary | Jean-Yves Antoine | J. Villaneau | Myriam Vergnes | J. Goulian

Pdf Export Search On the Use of Confidence for Statistical Decision in Dialogue Strategies
[W04-2321]: Christian Raymond | Frédéric Béchet | Renato De Mori | Géraldine Damnati


Pdf Export Search Tagging Unknown Proper Names Using Decision Trees
[P00-1011]: Frédéric Béchet | Alexis Nasr | Franck Genet