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Pdf Export Search Search with Synonyms: Problems and Solutions
[C10-2151]: Xing Wei | Fuchun Peng | Huishin Tseng | Yumao Lu | Xuerui Wang | Benoit Dumoulin


Pdf Export Search Improving Web Search Relevance with Semantic Features
[D09-1068]: Yumao Lu | Fuchun Peng | Gilad Mishne | Xing Wei | Benoit Dumoulin


Pdf Export Search Chinese Named Entity Recognition with Conditional Probabilistic Models
[W06-0130]: Aitao Chen | Fuchun Peng | Roy Shan | Gordon Sun


Pdf Export Search Combining Deep Linguistics Analysis and Surface Pattern Learning: A Hybrid Approach to Chinese Definitional Question Answering
[H05-1039]: Fuchun Peng | Ralph Weischedel | Ana Licuanan | Jinxi Xu


Pdf Export Search Accurate Information Extraction from Research Papers using Conditional Random Fields
[N04-1042]: Fuchun Peng | Andrew McCallum

Pdf Export Search Chinese Segmentation and New Word Detection using Conditional Random Fields
[C04-1081]: Fuchun Peng | Fangfang Feng | Andrew McCallum


Pdf Export Search Language Independent Authorship Attribution with Character Level N-Grams
[E03-1053]: Fuchun Peng | Dale Schuurmans | Vlado Keselj | Shaojun Wang

Pdf Export Search Language and Task Independent Text Categorization with Simple Language Models
[N03-1025]: Fuchun Peng | Dale Schuurmans | Shaojun Wang

Pdf Export Search Text Classification in Asian Languages without Word Segmentation
[W03-1106]: Fuchun Peng | Xiangji Huang | Dale Schuurmans | Shaojun Wang


Pdf Export Search Investigating the Relationship between Word Segmentation Performance and Retrieval Performance in Chinese IR
[C02-1148]: Fuchun Peng | Xiangji Huang | Dale Schuurmans | Nick Cercone