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Pdf Export Search Improving Multi-documents Summarization by Sentence Compression based on Expanded Constituent Parse Trees
[D14-1076]: Chen Li | Yang Liu | Fei Liu | Lin Zhao | Fuliang Weng


Pdf Export Search Document Summarization via Guided Sentence Compression
[D13-1047]: Chen Li | Fei Liu | Fuliang Weng | Yang Liu

Pdf Export Search A Participant-based Approach for Event Summarization Using Twitter Streams
[N13-1135]: Chao Shen | Fei Liu | Fuliang Weng | Tao Li


Pdf Export Search A Broad-Coverage Normalization System for Social Media Language
[P12-1109]: Fei Liu | Fuliang Weng | Xiao Jiang


Pdf Export Search Insertion, Deletion, or Substitution? Normalizing Text Messages without Pre-categorization nor Supervision
[P11-2013]: Fei Liu | Fuliang Weng | Bingqing Wang | Yang Liu

Pdf Export Search Why is “SXSW” trending? Exploring Multiple Text Sources for Twitter Topic Summarization
[W11-0709]: Fei Liu | Yang Liu | Fuliang Weng


Pdf Export Search Contextual Recommendation based on Text Mining
[C10-2079]: Yize Li | Jiazhong Nie | Yi Zhang | Bingqing Wang | Baoshi Yan | Fuliang Weng


Pdf Export Search User Simulation as Testing for Spoken Dialog Systems
[W08-0126]: Hua Ai | Fuliang Weng

Pdf Export Search Computing Confidence Scores for All Sub Parse Trees
[P08-2055]: Feng Lin | Fuliang Weng


Pdf Export Search A Conversational In-Car Dialog System
[N07-4012]: Baoshi Yan | Fuliang Weng | Zhe Feng | Florin Ratiu | Madhuri Raya | Yao Meng | Sebastian Varges | Matthew Purver | Annie Lien | Tobias Scheideck | Badri Raghunathan | Feng Lin | Rohit Mishra | Brian Lathrop | Zhaoxia Zhang | Harry Bratt | Stanley Peters

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on Bridging the Gap: Academic and Industrial Research in Dialog Technologies
[W07-0300]: Fuliang Weng | Ye-Yi Wang | Gokhan Tur


Pdf Export Search A Maximum Entropy Framework that Integrates Word Dependencies and Grammatical Relations for Reading Comprehension
[N06-2047]: Kui Xu | Helen Meng | Fuliang Weng

Pdf Export Search Interactive Question Answering and Constraint Relaxation in Spoken Dialogue Systems
[W06-1304]: Sebastian Varges | Fuliang Weng | Heather Pon-Barry

Pdf Export Search A Progressive Feature Selection Algorithm for Ultra Large Feature Spaces
[P06-1071]: Qi Zhang | Fuliang Weng | Zhe Feng


Pdf Export Search Exploring Features for Identifying Edited Regions in Disfluent Sentences
[W05-1519]: Qi Zhang | Fuliang Weng

Pdf Export Search A Flexible Conversational Dialog System for MP3 Player
[H05-2013]: Fuliang Weng | Lawrence Cavedon | Badri Raghunathan | Danilo Mirkovic | Ben Bei | Heather Pon-Barry | Harry Bratt | Hua Cheng | Hauke Schmidt | Rohit Mishra | Brian Lathrop | Qi Zhang | Tobias Scheideck | Kui Xu | Tess Hand-Bender | Stanley Peters | Liz Shriberg | Carsten Bergmann


Pdf Export Search A Fast Algorithm for Feature Selection in Conditional Maximum Entropy Modeling
[W03-1020]: Yaqian Zhou | Fuliang Weng | Lide Wu | Hauke Schmidt


Pdf Export Search Case Revisited: in the Shadow of Automatic Processing of Machine-Readable Dictionaries
[P91-1046]: Fuliang Weng