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Pdf Export Search A Multimodal Corpus for Mutual Gaze and Joint Attention in Multiparty Situated Interaction
[L18-1019]: Dimosthenis Kontogiorgos | Vanya Avramova | Simon Alexandersson | Patrik Jonell | Catharine Oertel | Jonas Beskow | Gabriel Skantze | Joakim Gustafson

Pdf Export Search KTH Tangrams: A Dataset for Research on Alignment and Conceptual Pacts in Task-Oriented Dialogue
[L18-1123]: Todd Shore | Theofronia Androulakaki | Gabriel Skantze

Pdf Export Search Attachment Using Lexical Alignment and Referring Ability to Address Data Sparsity in Situated Dialog Reference Resolution
[D18-1252]: Todd Shore | Gabriel Skantze


Pdf Export Search Towards a General, Continuous Model of Turn-taking in Spoken Dialogue using LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks
[W17-5527]: Gabriel Skantze


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 16th Annual Meeting of the Special Interest Group on Discourse and Dialogue
[W15-4600]: Alexander Koller | Gabriel Skantze | Filip Jurcicek | Masahiro Araki | Carolyn Penstein Rose

Pdf Export Search Modelling situated human-robot interaction using IrisTK
[W15-4624]: Gabriel Skantze | Martin Johansson

Pdf Export Search Opportunities and Obligations to Take Turns in Collaborative Multi-Party Human-Robot Interaction
[W15-4642]: Martin Johansson | Gabriel Skantze

Pdf Export Search Automatic Detection of Miscommunication in Spoken Dialogue Systems
[W15-4647]: Raveesh Meena | Jose Lopes | Gabriel Skantze | Joakim Gustafson


Pdf Export Search Crowdsourcing Street-level Geographic Information Using a Spoken Dialogue System
[W14-4302]: Raveesh Meena | Johan Boye | Gabriel Skantze | Joakim Gustafson


Pdf Export Search Human Evaluation of Conceptual Route Graphs for Interpreting Spoken Route Descriptions
[W13-0703]: Raveesh Meena | Gabriel Skantze | Joakim Gustafson

Pdf Export Search Exploring the effects of gaze and pauses in situated human-robot interaction
[W13-4029]: Gabriel Skantze | Anna Hjalmarsson | Catharine Oertel

Pdf Export Search The Map Task Dialogue System: A Test-bed for Modelling Human-Like Dialogue
[W13-4059]: Raveesh Meena | Gabriel Skantze | Joakim Gustafson

Pdf Export Search A Data-driven Model for Timing Feedback in a Map Task Dialogue System
[W13-4062]: Raveesh Meena | Gabriel Skantze | Joakim Gustafson


Pdf Export Search Towards Incremental Speech Generation in Dialogue Systems
[W10-4301]: Gabriel Skantze | Anna Hjalmarsson

Pdf Export Search Middleware for Incremental Processing in Conversational Agents
[W10-4308]: David Schlangen | Timo Baumann | Hendrik Buschmeier | Okko Buß | Stefan Kopp | Gabriel Skantze | Ramin Yaghoubzadeh


Pdf Export Search A General, Abstract Model of Incremental Dialogue Processing
[E09-1081]: David Schlangen | Gabriel Skantze

Pdf Export Search Incremental Dialogue Processing in a Micro-Domain
[E09-1085]: Gabriel Skantze | David Schlangen

Pdf Export Search Attention and Interaction Control in a Human-Human-Computer Dialogue Setting
[W09-3945]: Gabriel Skantze | Joakim Gustafson