Pdf Export Search Demographic Word Embeddings for Racism Detection on Twitter
[I17-1093]: Mohammed Hasanuzzaman | Gaël Dias | Andy Way


Pdf Export Search Identifying Temporal Orientation of Word Senses
[K16-1003]: Mohammed Hasanuzzaman | Gaël Dias | Stéphane Ferrari | Yann Mathet | Andy Way


Pdf Export Search QASSIT: A Pretopological Framework for the Automatic Construction of Lexical Taxonomies from Raw Texts
[S15-2159]: Guillaume Cleuziou | Davide Buscaldi | Gaël Dias | Vincent Levorato | Christine Largeron


Pdf Export Search Multi-Objective Search Results Clustering
[C14-1011]: Sudipta Acharya | Sriparna Saha | Jose G. Moreno | Gaël Dias

Pdf Export Search HulTech: A General Purpose System for Cross-Level Semantic Similarity based on Anchor Web Counts
[S14-2050]: Jose G. Moreno | Rumen Moraliyski | Asma Berrezoug | Gaël Dias

Pdf Export Search Easy Web Search Results Clustering: When Baselines Can Reach State-of-the-Art Algorithms
[E14-4001]: Jose G. Moreno | Gaël Dias

Pdf Export Search Propagation Strategies for Building Temporal Ontologies
[E14-4002]: Mohammed Hasanuzzaman | Gaël Dias | Stéphane Ferrari | Yann Mathet

Pdf Export Search A Hybrid Segmentation of Web Pages for Vibro-Tactile Access on Touch-Screen Devices
[W14-5414]: Waseem SAFI | Fabrice Maurel | Jean-Marc Routoure | Pierre Beust | Gaël Dias


Pdf Export Search Post-Retrieval Clustering Using Third-Order Similarity Measures
[P13-2028]: Jose G. Moreno | Gaël Dias | Guillaume Cleuziou


Pdf Export Search Détection de mots-clés par approches au grain caractère et au grain mot (Keywords extraction by repeated string analysis) [in French]
[W12-1105]: Gaëlle Doualan | Mathieu Boucher | Romain Brixtel | Gaël Lejeune | Gaël Dias


Pdf Export Search A Contextual Classification Strategy for Polarity Analysis of Direct Quotations from Financial News
[R11-1060]: Brett Drury | Gaël Dias | Luís Torgo


Pdf Export Search Paraphrase Alignment for Synonym Evidence Discovery
[C10-1046]: Gintarè Grigonytè | João Paulo Cordeiro | Gaël Dias | Rumen Moraliyski | Pavel Brazdil


Pdf Export Search Fully Unsupervised Graph-Based Discovery of General-Specific Noun Relationships from Web Corpora Frequency Counts
[W08-2113]: Gaël Dias | Raycho Mukelov | Guillaume Cleuziou


Pdf Export Search Biology Based Alignments of Paraphrases for Sentence Compression
[W07-1429]: João Cordeiro | Gaël Dias | Guillaume Cleuziou


Pdf Export Search Automatic Knowledge Representation using a Graph-based Algorithm for Language-Independent Lexical Chaining
[W06-0205]: Gaël Dias | Cláudia Santos | Guillaume Cleuziou


Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Different Similarity Measures for the Extraction of Multiword Units in a Reinforcement Learning Environment
[L04-1027]: Gaël Dias | Sérgio Nunes


Pdf Export Search Using Masks, Suffix Array-based Data Structures and Multidimensional Arrays to Compute Positional Ngram Statistics from Corpora
[W03-1804]: Alexandre Gil | Gaël Dias

Pdf Export Search Multiword Unit Hybrid Extraction
[W03-1806]: Gaël Dias