Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Argument Mining
[W17-5100]: Ivan Habernal | Iryna Gurevych | Kevin Ashley | Claire Cardie | Nancy Green | Diane Litman | Georgios Petasis | Chris Reed | Noam Slonim | Vern Walker

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Detection of Argumentative Units though Topic Modeling Techniques
[W17-5113]: Alfio Ferrara | Stefano Montanelli | Georgios Petasis


Pdf Export Search Identifying Argument Components through TextRank
[W16-2811]: Georgios Petasis | Vangelis Karkaletsis


Pdf Export Search Argument Extraction from News
[W15-0508]: Christos Sardianos | Ioannis Manousos Katakis | Georgios Petasis | Vangelis Karkaletsis


Pdf Export Search Annotating Arguments: The NOMAD Collaborative Annotation Tool
[L14-1526]: Georgios Petasis

Pdf Export Search NOMAD: Linguistic Resources and Tools Aimed at Policy Formulation and Validation
[L14-1629]: George Kiomourtzis | George Giannakopoulos | Georgios Petasis | Pythagoras Karampiperis | Vangelis Karkaletsis

Pdf Export Search The Ellogon Pattern Engine: Context-free Grammars over Annotations
[L14-1043]: Georgios Petasis


Pdf Export Search The SYNC3 Collaborative Annotation Tool
[L12-1406]: Georgios Petasis


Pdf Export Search Coreference Annotator - A new annotation tool for aligned bilingual corpora
[W11-4307]: Mara Tsoumari | Georgios Petasis

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Domain Adaptation based on Text Relatedness
[R11-1107]: Georgios Petasis


Pdf Export Search BlogBuster: A Tool for Extracting Corpora from the Blogosphere
[L10-1556]: Georgios Petasis | Dimitrios Petasis


Pdf Export Search BOEMIE Ontology-Based Text Annotation Tool
[L08-1248]: Pavlina Fragkou | Georgios Petasis | Aris Theodorakos | Vangelis Karkaletsis | Constantine Spyropoulos


Pdf Export Search Ellogon: A New Text Engineering Platform.
[L02-1211]: Georgios Petasis | Vangelis Karkaletsis | Georgios Paliouras | Ion Androutsopoulos | Constantine D. Spyropoulos

Pdf Export Search Multilingual XML-Based Named Entity Recognition for E-Retail Domains.
[L02-1233]: Claire Grover | Scott McDonald | Donnla Nic Gearailt | Vangelis Karkaletsis | Dimitra Farmakiotou | Georgios Samaritakis | Georgios Petasis | Maria Teresa Pazienza | Michele Vindigni | Frantz Vichot | Francis Wolinski


Pdf Export Search Using Machine Learning to Maintain Rule-based Named-Entity Recognition and Classification Systems
[P01-1055]: Georgios Petasis | Frantz Vichot | Francis Wolinski | Georgios Paliouras | Vangelis Karkaletsis | Constantine D. Spyropoulos