Pdf Export Search Challenges of language technologies for the indigenous languages of the Americas
[C18-1006]: Manuel Mager | Ximena Gutierrez-Vasques | Gerardo Sierra | Ivan Meza-Ruiz

Pdf Export Search Sociolinguistic Corpus of WhatsApp Chats in Spanish among College Students
[W18-3501]: Alejandro Dorantes | Gerardo Sierra | Tlauhlia Yamín Donohue Pérez | Gemma Bel-Enguix | Mónica Jasso Rosales


Pdf Export Search Applying the Rhetorical Structure Theory in Alzheimer patients' speech
[W17-3605]: Anayeli Paulino | Gerardo Sierra


Pdf Export Search Using Wikipedia to Validate the Terminology found in a Corpus of Basic Textbooks
[L12-1284]: Jorge Vivaldi | Luis Adrián Cabrera-Diego | Gerardo Sierra | María Pozzi


Pdf Export Search The RST Spanish Treebank On-line Interface
[R11-1101]: Iria da Cunha | Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno | Gerardo Sierra | Luis Adrián Cabrera-Diego | Brenda Gabriela Castro Rolón | Juan Miguel Rolland Bartilotti

Pdf Export Search On the Development of the RST Spanish Treebank
[W11-0401]: Iria da Cunha | Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno | Gerardo Sierra


Pdf Export Search Recognition and extraction of definitional contexts in Spanish for sketching a lexical network
[W10-1615]: Cesar Aguilar | Olga Acosta | Gerardo Sierra


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Definition Extraction
[W09-4400]: Gerardo Sierra

Pdf Export Search A Formal Scope on the Relations Between Definitions and Verbal Predications
[W09-4401]: César Aguilar | Gerardo Sierra

Pdf Export Search Description and Evaluation of a Pattern Based Approach for Definition Extraction
[W09-4402]: Rodrigo Alarcón | Gerardo Sierra | Carme Bach


Pdf Export Search Natural Language Searching in Onomasiological Dictionaries
[W08-1905]: Gerardo Sierra


Pdf Export Search Extracting semantic clusters from the alignment of definitions
[C00-2115]: Gerardo Sierra | John McNaught

Pdf Export Search Extraction of Semantic Clusters for Terminological Information Retrieval from MRDs
[L00-1026]: Gerardo Sierra | John McNaught