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Pdf Export Search Presentation Note What you can cram into a single \$&!#* vector: Probing sentence embeddings for linguistic properties
[P18-1198]: Alexis Conneau | Germán Kruszewski | Guillaume Lample | Loïc Barrault | Marco Baroni


Pdf Export Search Convolutional Neural Network Language Models
[D16-1123]: Ngoc-Quan Pham | Germán Kruszewski | Gemma Boleda

Pdf Export Search There Is No Logical Negation Here, But There Are Alternatives: Modeling Conversational Negation with Distributional Semantics
[J16-4003]: Germán Kruszewski | Denis Paperno | Raffaella Bernardi | Marco Baroni

Pdf Export Search The LAMBADA dataset: Word prediction requiring a broad discourse context
[P16-1144]: Denis Paperno | Germán Kruszewski | Angeliki Lazaridou | Ngoc Quan Pham | Raffaella Bernardi | Sandro Pezzelle | Marco Baroni | Gemma Boleda | Raquel Fernandez


Pdf Export Search So similar and yet incompatible: Toward the automated identification of semantically compatible words
[N15-1097]: Germán Kruszewski | Marco Baroni

Pdf Export Search Jointly optimizing word representations for lexical and sentential tasks with the C-PHRASE model
[P15-1094]: Nghia The Pham | Germán Kruszewski | Angeliki Lazaridou | Marco Baroni

Pdf Export Search Deriving Boolean structures from distributional vectors
[Q15-1027]: Germán Kruszewski | Denis Paperno | Marco Baroni


Pdf Export Search Don't count, predict! A systematic comparison of context-counting vs. context-predicting semantic vectors
[P14-1023]: Marco Baroni | Georgiana Dinu | Germán Kruszewski

Pdf Export Search Dead parrots make bad pets: Exploring modifier effects in noun phrases
[S14-1021]: Germán Kruszewski | Marco Baroni