Pdf Export Search Evaluating the effects of interactivity in a post-editing workbench
[L14-1261]: Nancy Underwood | Bartolomé Mesa-Lao | Mercedes García Martínez | Michael Carl | Vicent Alabau | Jesús González-Rubio | Luis A. Leiva | Germán Sanchis-Trilles | Daniel Ortíz-Martínez | Francisco Casacuberta

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the EACL 2014 Workshop on Humans and Computer-assisted Translation
[W14-0300]: Ulrich Germann | Michael Carl | Philipp Koehn | Germán Sanchis-Trilles | Francisco Casacuberta | Robin Hill | Sharon O’Brien


Pdf Export Search Does more data always yield better translations?
[E12-1016]: Guillem Gascó | Martha-Alicia Rocha | Germán Sanchis-Trilles | Jesús Andrés-Ferrer | Francisco Casacuberta


Pdf Export Search UPV-PRHLT English–Spanish System for WMT10
[W10-1725]: Germán Sanchis-Trilles | Jesús Andrés-Ferrer | Guillem Gascó | Jesús González-Rubio | Pascual Martínez-Gómez | Martha-Alicia Rocha | Joan-Andreu Sánchez | Francisco Casacuberta

Pdf Export Search UCH-UPV English–Spanish System for WMT10
[W10-1731]: Francisco Zamora-Martinez | Germán Sanchis-Trilles

Pdf Export Search The UPV-PRHLT Combination System for WMT 2010
[W10-1743]: Jesús González-Rubio | Germán Sanchis-Trilles | Joan-Andreu Sánchez | Jesús Andrés-Ferrer | Guillem Gascó | Pascual Martínez-Gómez | Martha-Alicia Rocha | Francisco Casacuberta

Pdf Export Search Log-linear weight optimisation via Bayesian Adaptation in Statistical Machine Translation
[C10-2124]: Germán Sanchis-Trilles | Francisco Casacuberta


Pdf Export Search Improving Interactive Machine Translation via Mouse Actions
[D08-1051]: Germán Sanchis-Trilles | Daniel Ortiz-Martínez | Jorge Civera | Francisco Casacuberta | Enrique Vidal | Hieu Hoang