Pdf Export Search NLP Corpus Observatory – Looking for Constellations in Parallel Corpora to Improve Learners’ Collocational Skills
[W18-7108]: Gerold Schneider | Johannes Graën


Pdf Export Search Crossing the border twice: Reimporting prepositions to alleviate L1-specific transfer errors
[W17-0303]: Johannes Graën | Gerold Schneider

Pdf Export Search Comparing Rule-based and SMT-based Spelling Normalisation for English Historical Texts
[W17-0508]: Gerold Schneider | Eva Pettersson | Michael Percillier


Pdf Export Search Measuring the Public Accountability of New Modes of Governance
[W14-2512]: Bruno Wueest | Gerold Schneider | Michael Amsler


Pdf Export Search UZH in BioNLP 2013
[W13-2016]: Gerold Schneider | Simon Clematide | Tilia Ellendorff | Don Tuggener | Fabio Rinaldi | Gintarė Grigonytė

Pdf Export Search Exploiting Synergies Between Open Resources for German Dependency Parsing, POS-tagging, and Morphological Analysis
[R13-1079]: Rico Sennrich | Martin Volk | Gerold Schneider


Pdf Export Search Dependency parsing for interaction detection in pharmacogenomics
[L12-1626]: Gerold Schneider | Fabio Rinaldi | Simon Clematide


Pdf Export Search An Incremental Model for the Coreference Resolution Task of BioNLP 2011
[W11-1823]: Don Tuggener | Manfred Klenner | Gerold Schneider | Simon Clematide | Fabio Rinaldi


Pdf Export Search UZurich in the BioNLP 2009 Shared Task
[W09-1404]: Kaarel Kaljurand | Gerold Schneider | Fabio Rinaldi


Pdf Export Search Dependency-Based Relation Mining for Biomedical Literature
[L08-1235]: Fabio Rinaldi | Gerold Schneider | Kaarel Kaljurand | Michael Hess


Pdf Export Search Pro3Gres Parser in the CoNLL Domain Adaptation Shared Task
[D07-1128]: Gerold Schneider | Kaarel Kaljurand | Fabio Rinaldi | Tobias Kuhn


Pdf Export Search Answering Questions in the Genomics Domain
[W04-0508]: Fabio Rinaldi | James Dowdall | Gerold Schneider | Andreas Persidis

Pdf Export Search Fast, Deep-Linguistic Statistical Dependency Parsing
[W04-1505]: Gerold Schneider | Fabio Rinaldi | James Dowdall

Pdf Export Search A robust and hybrid deep-linguistic theory applied to large-scale parsing
[W04-2003]: Gerold Schneider | James Dowdall | Fabio Rinaldi


Pdf Export Search A low-complexity, broad-coverage probabilistic Dependency Parser for English
[N03-3006]: Gerold Schneider


Pdf Export Search Using Syntactic Analysis to Increase Efficiency in Visualizing Text Collections
[C02-1091]: James Henderson | Paola Merlo | Ivan Petroff | Gerold Schneider