Pdf Export Search Cross-cultural differences in language markers of depression online
[W18-0608]: Kate Loveys | Jonathan Torrez | Alex Fine | Glen Moriarty | Glen Coppersmith


Pdf Export Search Predictive Linguistic Features of Schizophrenia
[S17-1028]: Efsun Sarioglu Kayi | Mona Diab | Luca Pauselli | Michael Compton | Glen Coppersmith

Pdf Export Search Ethical Research Protocols for Social Media Health Research
[W17-1612]: Adrian Benton | Glen Coppersmith | Mark Dredze

Pdf Export Search In your wildest dreams: the language and psychological features of dreams
[W17-3102]: Kate Niederhoffer | Jonathan Schler | Patrick Crutchley | Kate Loveys | Glen Coppersmith

Pdf Export Search Small but Mighty: Affective Micropatterns for Quantifying Mental Health from Social Media Language
[W17-3110]: Kate Loveys | Patrick Crutchley | Emily Wyatt | Glen Coppersmith


Pdf Export Search Exploratory Analysis of Social Media Prior to a Suicide Attempt
[W16-0311]: Glen Coppersmith | Kim Ngo | Ryan Leary | Anthony Wood

Pdf Export Search The Clinical Panel: Leveraging Psychological Expertise During NLP Research
[W16-5617]: Glen Coppersmith | Kristy Hollingshead | H. Andrew Schwartz | Molly Ireland | Rebecca Resnik | Kate Loveys | April Foreman | Loring Ingraham


Pdf Export Search From ADHD to SAD: Analyzing the Language of Mental Health on Twitter through Self-Reported Diagnoses
[W15-1201]: Glen Coppersmith | Mark Dredze | Craig Harman | Kristy Hollingshead

Pdf Export Search Quantifying the Language of Schizophrenia in Social Media
[W15-1202]: Margaret Mitchell | Kristy Hollingshead | Glen Coppersmith

Pdf Export Search CLPsych 2015 Shared Task: Depression and PTSD on Twitter
[W15-1204]: Glen Coppersmith | Mark Dredze | Craig Harman | Kristy Hollingshead | Margaret Mitchell


Pdf Export Search Inferring User Political Preferences from Streaming Communications
[P14-1018]: Svitlana Volkova | Glen Coppersmith | Benjamin Van Durme

Pdf Export Search Dynamic Wordclouds and Vennclouds for Exploratory Data Analysis
[W14-3103]: Glen Coppersmith | Erin Kelly

Pdf Export Search Quantifying Mental Health Signals in Twitter
[W14-3207]: Glen Coppersmith | Mark Dredze | Craig Harman


Pdf Export Search NLP on Spoken Documents Without ASR
[D10-1045]: Mark Dredze | Aren Jansen | Glen Coppersmith | Ken Church