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Pdf Export Search Effective Use of Context in Noisy Entity Linking
[D18-1126]: David Mueller | Greg Durrett

Pdf Export Search Picking Apart Story Salads
[D18-1175]: Su Wang | Eric Holgate | Greg Durrett | Katrin Erk

Pdf Export Search Spherical Latent Spaces for Stable Variational Autoencoders
[D18-1480]: Jiacheng Xu | Greg Durrett

Pdf Export Search Note Modeling Semantic Plausibility by Injecting World Knowledge
[N18-2049]: Su Wang | Greg Durrett | Katrin Erk


Pdf Export Search Attachment Identifying Products in Online Cybercrime Marketplaces: A Dataset for Fine-grained Domain Adaptation
[D17-1275]: Greg Durrett | Jonathan K. Kummerfeld | Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick | Rebecca Portnoff | Sadia Afroz | Damon McCoy | Kirill Levchenko | Vern Paxson


Pdf Export Search Learning-Based Single-Document Summarization with Compression and Anaphoricity Constraints
[P16-1188]: Greg Durrett | Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Capturing Semantic Similarity for Entity Linking with Convolutional Neural Networks
[N16-1150]: Matthew Francis-Landau | Greg Durrett | Dan Klein


Pdf Export Search Disfluency Detection with a Semi-Markov Model and Prosodic Features
[N15-1029]: James Ferguson | Greg Durrett | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Neural CRF Parsing
[P15-1030]: Greg Durrett | Dan Klein


Pdf Export Search Less Grammar, More Features
[P14-1022]: David Hall | Greg Durrett | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search A Joint Model for Entity Analysis: Coreference, Typing, and Linking
[Q14-1037]: Greg Durrett | Dan Klein


Pdf Export Search Easy Victories and Uphill Battles in Coreference Resolution
[D13-1203]: Greg Durrett | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Supervised Learning of Complete Morphological Paradigms
[N13-1138]: Greg Durrett | John DeNero

Pdf Export Search Decentralized Entity-Level Modeling for Coreference Resolution
[P13-1012]: Greg Durrett | David Hall | Dan Klein

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Transcription of Historical Documents
[P13-1021]: Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick | Greg Durrett | Dan Klein


Pdf Export Search Syntactic Transfer Using a Bilingual Lexicon
[D12-1001]: Greg Durrett | Adam Pauls | Dan Klein


Pdf Export Search An Empirical Investigation of Discounting in Cross-Domain Language Models
[P11-2005]: Greg Durrett | Dan Klein