Pdf Export Search Language-based Construction of Explorable News Graphs for Journalists
[W17-4206]: Rémi Bois | Guillaume Gravier | Eric Jamet | Emmanuel Morin | Pascale Sébillot | Maxime Robert


Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Topic Structuring: From Dense Segmentation to Topically Focused Fragments via Burst Analysis
[R15-1076]: Anca-Roxana Simon | Pascale Sébillot | Guillaume Gravier


Pdf Export Search Bridging the gap between speech technology and natural language processing: an evaluation toolbox for term discovery systems
[L14-1284]: Bogdan Ludusan | Maarten Versteegh | Aren Jansen | Guillaume Gravier | Xuan-Nga Cao | Mark Johnson | Emmanuel Dupoux

Pdf Export Search The ETAPE speech processing evaluation
[L14-1022]: Olivier Galibert | Jeremy Leixa | Gilles Adda | Khalid Choukri | Guillaume Gravier


Pdf Export Search A probabilistic segment model combining lexical cohesion and disruption for topic segmentation (Un modèle segmental probabiliste combinant cohésion lexicale et rupture lexicale pour la segmentation thématique) [in French]
[F13-1015]: Anca Simon | Guillaume Gravier | Pascale Sébillot

Pdf Export Search Leveraging Lexical Cohesion and Disruption for Topic Segmentation
[D13-1130]: Anca-Roxana Simon | Guillaume Gravier | Pascale Sébillot


Pdf Export Search Automates lexico-phonétiques pour l’indexation et la recherche de segments de parole (Lexical-phonetic automata for spoken utterance indexing and retrieval) [in French]
[F12-1007]: Julien Fayolle | Fabienne Moreau | Christian Raymond | Guillaume Gravier

Pdf Export Search The ETAPE corpus for the evaluation of speech-based TV content processing in the French language
[L12-1270]: Guillaume Gravier | Gilles Adda | Niklas Paulsson | Matthieu Carré | Aude Giraudel | Olivier Galibert


Pdf Export Search On the Use of Web Resources and Natural Language Processing Techniques to Improve Automatic Speech Recognition Systems
[L08-1043]: Gwénolé Lecorvé | Guillaume Gravier | Pascale Sébillot

Pdf Export Search Morphosyntactic Resources for Automatic Speech Recognition
[L08-1496]: Stéphane Huet | Guillaume Gravier | Pascale Sébillot