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Pdf Export Search A Neural Question Answering Model Based on Semi-Structured Tables
[C18-1165]: Hao Wang | Xiaodong Zhang | Shuming Ma | Xu Sun | Houfeng Wang | Mengxiang Wang


Pdf Export Search Attachment Using Argument-based Features to Predict and Analyse Review Helpfulness
[D17-1142]: Haijing Liu | Yang Gao | Pin Lv | Mengxue Li | Shiqiang Geng | Minglan Li | Hao Wang

Pdf Export Search A Transition-based System for Universal Dependency Parsing
[K17-3020]: Hao Wang | Hai Zhao | Zhisong Zhang

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Bilingual Segmentation using MDL for Machine Translation
[Y17-1015]: Bin Shan | Hao Wang | Yves Lepage

Pdf Export Search BTG-based Machine Translation with Simple Reordering Model using Structured Perceptron
[Y17-1018]: Hao Wang | Yves Lepage


Pdf Export Search Combining fast_align with Hierarchical Sub-sentential Alignment for Better Word Alignments
[W16-4501]: Hao Wang | Yves Lepage

Pdf Export Search HSSA tree structures for BTG-based preordering in machine translation
[Y16-2010]: Yujia Zhang | Hao Wang | Yves Lepage

Pdf Export Search Yet Another Symmetrical and Real-time Word Alignment Method: Hierarchical Sub-sentential Alignment using F-measure
[Y16-2012]: Hao Wang | Yves Lepage


Pdf Export Search 結合ANN、全域變異數與真實軌跡挑選之基週軌跡產生方法(A Pitch-contour Generation Method Combining ANN Prediction,Global Variance Matching, and Real-contour Selection)[In Chinese]
[O15-1025]: Hung­Yan Gu | Kai-Wei Jiang | Hao Wang

Pdf Export Search Translation of Unseen Bigrams by Analogy Using an SVM Classifier
[Y15-1003]: Hao Wang | Lu Lyu | Yves Lepage


Pdf Export Search A Sentiment-aligned Topic Model for Product Aspect Rating Prediction
[D14-1126]: Hao Wang | Martin Ester


Pdf Export Search A Dataset for Research on Short-Text Conversations
[D13-1096]: Hao Wang | Zhengdong Lu | Hang Li | Enhong Chen


Pdf Export Search A System for Real-time Twitter Sentiment Analysis of 2012 U.S. Presidential Election Cycle
[P12-3020]: Hao Wang | Dogan Can | Abe Kazemzadeh | François Bar | Shrikanth Narayanan