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Pdf Export Search Note Incremental Decoding and Training Methods for Simultaneous Translation in Neural Machine Translation
[N18-2079]: Fahim Dalvi | Nadir Durrani | Hassan Sajjad | Stephan Vogel


Pdf Export Search QCRI Live Speech Translation System
[E17-3016]: Fahim Dalvi | Yifan Zhang | Sameer Khurana | Nadir Durrani | Hassan Sajjad | Ahmed Abdelali | Hamdy Mubarak | Ahmed Ali | Stephan Vogel

Pdf Export Search The SUMMA Platform Prototype
[E17-3029]: Renars Liepins | Ulrich Germann | Guntis Barzdins | Alexandra Birch | Steve Renals | Susanne Weber | Peggy van der Kreeft | Herve Bourlard | João Prieto | Ondrej Klejch | Peter Bell | Alexandros Lazaridis | Alfonso Mendes | Sebastian Riedel | Mariana S. C. Almeida | Pedro Balage | Shay B. Cohen | Tomasz Dwojak | Philip N. Garner | Andreas Giefer | Marcin Junczys-Dowmunt | Hina Imran | David Nogueira | Ahmed Ali | Sebastião Miranda | Andrei Popescu-Belis | Lesly Miculicich Werlen | Nikos Papasarantopoulos | Abiola Obamuyide | Clive Jones | Fahim Dalvi | Andreas Vlachos | Yang Wang | Sibo Tong | Rico Sennrich | Nikolaos Pappas | Shashi Narayan | Marco Damonte | Nadir Durrani | Sameer Khurana | Ahmed Abdelali | Hassan Sajjad | Stephan Vogel | David Sheppey | Chris Hernon | Jeff Mitchell

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Layers of Representation in Neural Machine Translation on Part-of-Speech and Semantic Tagging Tasks
[I17-1001]: Yonatan Belinkov | Lluís Màrquez | Hassan Sajjad | Nadir Durrani | Fahim Dalvi | James Glass

Pdf Export Search Understanding and Improving Morphological Learning in the Neural Machine Translation Decoder
[I17-1015]: Fahim Dalvi | Nadir Durrani | Hassan Sajjad | Yonatan Belinkov | Stephan Vogel

Pdf Export Search Statistical Models for Unsupervised, Semi-Supervised Supervised Transliteration Mining
[J17-2003]: Hassan Sajjad | Helmut Schmid | Alexander Fraser | Hinrich Schütze

Pdf Export Search What do Neural Machine Translation Models Learn about Morphology?
[P17-1080]: Yonatan Belinkov | Nadir Durrani | Fahim Dalvi | Hassan Sajjad | James Glass

Pdf Export Search Challenging Language-Dependent Segmentation for Arabic: An Application to Machine Translation and Part-of-Speech Tagging
[P17-2095]: Hassan Sajjad | Fahim Dalvi | Nadir Durrani | Ahmed Abdelali | Yonatan Belinkov | Stephan Vogel


Pdf Export Search A Deep Fusion Model for Domain Adaptation in Phrase-based MT
[C16-1299]: Nadir Durrani | Hassan Sajjad | Shafiq Joty | Ahmed Abdelali

Pdf Export Search Eyes Don't Lie: Predicting Machine Translation Quality Using Eye Movement
[N16-1125]: Hassan Sajjad | Francisco Guzmán | Nadir Durrani | Ahmed Abdelali | Houda Bouamor | Irina Temnikova | Stephan Vogel

Pdf Export Search QCRI $@$ DSL 2016: Spoken Arabic Dialect Identification Using Textual Features
[W16-4828]: Mohamed Eldesouki | Fahim Dalvi | Hassan Sajjad | Kareem Darwish


Pdf Export Search An Unsupervised Method for Discovering Lexical Variations in Roman Urdu Informal Text
[D15-1097]: Abdul Rafae | Abdul Qayyum | Muhammad Moeenuddin | Asim Karim | Hassan Sajjad | Faisal Kamiran

Pdf Export Search How to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancies: Domain Adaptation using Neural Network Models
[D15-1147]: Shafiq Joty | Hassan Sajjad | Nadir Durrani | Kamla Al-Mannai | Ahmed Abdelali | Stephan Vogel

Pdf Export Search How do Humans Evaluate Machine Translation
[W15-3059]: Francisco Guzmán | Ahmed Abdelali | Irina Temnikova | Hassan Sajjad | Stephan Vogel

Pdf Export Search QCMUQ$@$QALB-2015 Shared Task: Combining Character level MT and Error-tolerant Finite-State Recognition for Arabic Spelling Correction
[W15-3217]: Houda Bouamor | Hassan Sajjad | Nadir Durrani | Kemal Oflazer


Pdf Export Search Verifiably Effective Arabic Dialect Identification
[D14-1154]: Kareem Darwish | Hassan Sajjad | Hamdy Mubarak

Pdf Export Search Integrating an Unsupervised Transliteration Model into Statistical Machine Translation
[E14-4029]: Nadir Durrani | Hassan Sajjad | Hieu Hoang | Philipp Koehn

Pdf Export Search The AMARA Corpus: Building Parallel Language Resources for the Educational Domain
[L14-1675]: Ahmed Abdelali | Francisco Guzman | Hassan Sajjad | Stephan Vogel

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Word Segmentation Improves Dialectal Arabic to English Machine Translation
[W14-3628]: Kamla Al-Mannai | Hassan Sajjad | Alaa Khader | Fahad Al Obaidli | Preslav Nakov | Stephan Vogel


Pdf Export Search Translating Dialectal Arabic to English
[P13-2001]: Hassan Sajjad | Kareem Darwish | Yonatan Belinkov

Pdf Export Search Munich-Edinburgh-Stuttgart Submissions of OSM Systems at WMT13
[W13-2213]: Nadir Durrani | Alexander Fraser | Helmut Schmid | Hassan Sajjad | Richárd Farkas

Pdf Export Search QCRI-MES Submission at WMT13: Using Transliteration Mining to Improve Statistical Machine Translation
[W13-2228]: Hassan Sajjad | Svetlana Smekalova | Nadir Durrani | Alexander Fraser | Helmut Schmid

Pdf Export Search Munich-Edinburgh-Stuttgart Submissions at WMT13: Morphological and Syntactic Processing for SMT
[W13-2230]: Marion Weller | Max Kisselew | Svetlana Smekalova | Alexander Fraser | Helmut Schmid | Nadir Durrani | Hassan Sajjad | Richárd Farkas


Pdf Export Search Underspecified Query Refinement via Natural Language Question Generation
[C12-1143]: Hassan Sajjad | Patrick Pantel | Michael Gamon

Pdf Export Search A Statistical Model for Unsupervised and Semi-supervised Transliteration Mining
[P12-1049]: Hassan Sajjad | Alexander Fraser | Helmut Schmid


Pdf Export Search Comparing Two Techniques for Learning Transliteration Models Using a Parallel Corpus
[I11-1015]: Hassan Sajjad | Nadir Durrani | Helmut Schmid | Alexander Fraser

Pdf Export Search Dataset An Algorithm for Unsupervised Transliteration Mining with an Application to Word Alignment
[P11-1044]: Hassan Sajjad | Alexander Fraser | Helmut Schmid


Pdf Export Search Hindi-to-Urdu Machine Translation through Transliteration
[P10-1048]: Nadir Durrani | Hassan Sajjad | Alexander Fraser | Helmut Schmid


Pdf Export Search Tagging Urdu Text with Parts of Speech: A Tagger Comparison
[E09-1079]: Hassan Sajjad | Helmut Schmid