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Pdf Export Search Anaphora Resolution with the ARRAU Corpus
[W18-0702]: Massimo Poesio | Yulia Grishina | Varada Kolhatkar | Nafise Moosavi | Ina Roesiger | Adam Roussel | Fabian Simonjetz | Alexandra Uma | Olga Uryupina | Juntao Yu | Heike Zinsmeister

Pdf Export Search Survey: Anaphora With Non-nominal Antecedents in Computational Linguistics: a Survey
[J18-3007]: Varada Kolhatkar | Adam Roussel | Stefanie Dipper | Heike Zinsmeister


Pdf Export Search Approximating Style by N-gram-based Annotation
[W17-4913]: Melanie Andresen | Heike Zinsmeister

Pdf Export Search The Benefit of Syntactic vs. Linear N-grams for Linguistic Description
[W17-6503]: Melanie Andresen | Heike Zinsmeister


Pdf Export Search Dealing with word-internal modification and spelling variation in data-driven lemmatization
[W16-2106]: Fabian Barteld | Ingrid Schröder | Heike Zinsmeister


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of The 9th Linguistic Annotation Workshop
[W15-1600]: Adam Meyers | Ines Rehbein | Heike Zinsmeister


Pdf Export Search Adapting a part-of-speech tagset to non-standard text: The case of STTS
[L14-1565]: Heike Zinsmeister | Ulrich Heid | Kathrin Beck

Pdf Export Search Annotating descriptively incomplete language phenomena
[W14-4915]: Fabian Barteld | Sarah Ihden | Ingrid Schröder | Heike Zinsmeister


Pdf Export Search Interpreting Anaphoric Shell Nouns using Antecedents of Cataphoric Shell Nouns as Training Data
[D13-1030]: Varada Kolhatkar | Heike Zinsmeister | Graeme Hirst

Pdf Export Search Annotating Anaphoric Shell Nouns with their Antecedents
[W13-2314]: Varada Kolhatkar | Heike Zinsmeister | Graeme Hirst


Pdf Export Search The Use of Parallel and Comparable Data for Analysis of Abstract Anaphora in German and English
[L12-1038]: Stefanie Dipper | Melanie Seiss | Heike Zinsmeister


Pdf Export Search Annotating Discourse Anaphora
[W09-3031]: Stefanie Dipper | Heike Zinsmeister


Pdf Export Search Freshmen’s CL Curriculum: The Benefits of Redundancy
[W08-0203]: Heike Zinsmeister