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Pdf Export Search Fine-grained Opinion Mining with Recurrent Neural Networks and Word Embeddings
[D15-1168]: Pengfei Liu | Shafiq Joty | Helen Meng

Pdf Export Search Analysis of Dysarthric Speech using Distinctive Feature Recognition
[W15-5115]: Ka-Ho Wong | Yu Ting Yeung | Patrick C. M. Wong | Gina-Anne Levow | Helen Meng


Pdf Export Search SeemGo: Conditional Random Fields Labeling and Maximum Entropy Classification for Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis
[S14-2092]: Pengfei Liu | Helen Meng


Pdf Export Search Developing Speech Recognition and Synthesis Technologies to Support Computer-Aided Pronunciation Training for Chinese Learners of English
[Y09-1005]: Helen Meng

Pdf Export Search Automatic Story Segmentation using a Bayesian Decision Framework for Statistical Models of Lexical Chain Features
[P09-2067]: Wai-Kit Lo | Wenying Xiong | Helen Meng


Pdf Export Search Combined Use of Speaker- and Tone-Normalized Pitch Reset with Pause Duration for Automatic Story Segmentation in Mandarin Broadcast News
[N07-2049]: Lei Xie | Chuan Liu | Helen Meng


Pdf Export Search A Maximum Entropy Framework that Integrates Word Dependencies and Grammatical Relations for Reading Comprehension
[N06-2047]: Kui Xu | Helen Meng | Fuliang Weng


Pdf Export Search Design and Development of a Bilingual Reading Comprehension Corpus
[O05-3006]: Kui Xu | Helen Meng

Pdf Export Search The Use of Metadata, Web-derived Answer Patterns and Passage Context to Improve Reading Comprehension Performance
[H05-1076]: Yongping Du | Helen Meng | Xuanjing Huang | Lide Wu


Pdf Export Search Design, Compilation and Processing of CUCall: A Set of Cantonese Spoken Language Corpora Collected Over Telephone Networks
[O01-1010]: W.K. Lo | P.C. Ching | Tan Lee | Helen Meng


Pdf Export Search Mandarin-English Information (MEI): Investigating Translingual Speech Retrieval
[W00-0504]: Helen Meng | Sanjeev Khudanpur | Gina Levow | Douglas W. Oard | Hsin-Min Wang


Pdf Export Search An Analytical Study of Transformational Tagging for Chinese Text
[O99-2001]: Helen Meng | Chun Wah Ip