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Pdf Export Search Statistical Machine Translation Features with Multitask Tensor Networks
[P15-1004]: Hendra Setiawan | Zhongqiang Huang | Jacob Devlin | Thomas Lamar | Rabih Zbib | Richard Schwartz | John Makhoul


Pdf Export Search {Anchor Graph}: Global Reordering Contexts for Statistical Machine Translation
[D13-1048]: Hendra Setiawan | Bowen Zhou | Bing Xiang

Pdf Export Search Discriminative Training of 150 Million Translation Parameters and Its Application to Pruning
[N13-1034]: Hendra Setiawan | Bowen Zhou

Pdf Export Search Two-Neighbor Orientation Model with Cross-Boundary Global Contexts
[P13-1124]: Hendra Setiawan | Bowen Zhou | Bing Xiang | Libin Shen


Pdf Export Search Discriminative Word Alignment with a Function Word Reordering Model
[D10-1052]: Hendra Setiawan | Chris Dyer | Philip Resnik

Pdf Export Search Generalizing Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation using Rules with Adjacent Nonterminals
[N10-1052]: Hendra Setiawan | Philip Resnik

Pdf Export Search cdec: A Decoder, Alignment, and Learning Framework for Finite-State and Context-Free Translation Models
[P10-4002]: Chris Dyer | Adam Lopez | Juri Ganitkevitch | Jonathan Weese | Ferhan Ture | Phil Blunsom | Hendra Setiawan | Vladimir Eidelman | Philip Resnik


Pdf Export Search Topological Ordering of Function Words in Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation
[P09-1037]: Hendra Setiawan | Min Yen Kan | Haizhou Li | Philip Resnik

Pdf Export Search The University of Maryland Statistical Machine Translation System for the Fourth Workshop on Machine Translation
[W09-0426]: Chris Dyer | Hendra Setiawan | Yuval Marton | Philip Resnik


Pdf Export Search Ordering Phrases with Function Words
[P07-1090]: Hendra Setiawan | Min-Yen Kan | Haizhou Li


Pdf Export Search Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation: A Level of Detail Approach
[I05-1051]: Hendra Setiawan | Haizhou Li | Min Zhang | Beng Chin Ooi

Pdf Export Search A Phrase-Based Context-Dependent Joint Probability Model for Named Entity Translation
[I05-1053]: Min Zhang | Haizhou Li | Jian Su | Hendra Setiawan