Pdf Export Search The evolving infrastructure for language resources and the role for data scientists
[L14-1206]: Nelleke Oostdijk | Henk van den Heuvel

Pdf Export Search Vulnerability in Acquisition, Language Impairments in Dutch: Creating a VALID Data Archive
[L14-1682]: Jetske Klatter | Roeland Van Hout | Henk van den Heuvel | Paula Fikkert | Anne Baker | Jan De Jong | Frank Wijnen | Eric Sanders | Paul Trilsbeek


Pdf Export Search Collection of a corpus of Dutch SMS
[L12-1302]: Maaske Treurniet | Orphée De Clercq | Henk van den Heuvel | Nelleke Oostdijk

Pdf Export Search An Oral History Annotation Tool for INTER-VIEWs
[L12-1151]: Henk van den Heuvel | Eric Sanders | Robin Rutten | Stef Scagliola | Paula Witkamp


Pdf Export Search Improving Proper Name Recognition by Adding Automatically Learned Pronunciation Variants to the Lexicon
[L10-1195]: Bert Réveil | Jean-Pierre Martens | Henk van den Heuvel

Pdf Export Search The VeteranTapes: Research Corpus, Fragment Processing Tool, and Enhanced Publications for the e-Humanities
[L10-1225]: Henk van den Heuvel | René van Horik | Stef Scagliola | Eric Sanders | Paula Witkamp

Pdf Export Search Balancing SoNaR: IPR versus Processing Issues in a 500-Million-Word Written Dutch Reference Corpus
[L10-1376]: Martin Reynaert | Nelleke Oostdijk | Orphée De Clercq | Henk van den Heuvel | Franciska de Jong

Pdf Export Search A Speech Corpus for Modeling Language Acquisition: CAREGIVER
[L10-1408]: Toomas Altosaar | Louis ten Bosch | Guillaume Aimetti | Christos Koniaris | Kris Demuynck | Henk van den Heuvel


Pdf Export Search The IFADV Corpus: a Free Dialog Video Corpus
[L08-1219]: Rob van Son | Wieneke Wesseling | Eric Sanders | Henk van den Heuvel

Pdf Export Search The AUTONOMATA Spoken Names Corpus
[L08-1476]: Henk van den Heuvel | Jean-Pierre Martens | Bart D’hoore | Kristof D’hanens | Nanneke Konings

Pdf Export Search LC-STAR II: Starring more Lexica
[L08-1486]: Ute Ziegenhain | Hanne Fersoe | Henk van den Heuvel | Asuncion Moreno


Pdf Export Search SALA II Across the Finish Line: A Large Collection of Mobile Telephone Speech Databases from North and Latin America completed
[L04-1153]: Henk van den Heuvel | Phil Hall | Harald Höge | Asunción Moreno | Antonio Rincon | Francesco Senia

Pdf Export Search Collection of SLR in the Asian-Pacific Area
[L04-1176]: Asunción Moreno | Khalid Choukri | Phil Hall | Henk van den Heuvel | Eric Sanders | Francesco Senia | Herbert Tropf

Pdf Export Search SLR Validation: Current Trends and Developments
[L04-1179]: Henk van den Heuvel | Dorota Iskra | Eric Sanders | Folkert de Vriend

Pdf Export Search On the Usefulness of Large Spoken Language Corpora for Linguistic Research
[L04-1202]: Christophe Van Bael | Helmer Strik | Henk van den Heuvel

Pdf Export Search Creation and Validation of Large Lexica for Speech-to-Speech Translation Purposes
[L04-1268]: Hanne Fersøe | Elviira Hartikainen | Henk van den Heuvel | Giulio Maltese | Asuncíon Moreno | Shaunie Shammass | Ute Ziegenhain


Pdf Export Search Give me a bug. a framework for a bug report service
[L02-1173]: Henk van den Heuvel | Khalid Choukri | Harald Höge

Pdf Export Search SPEECON – Speech Databases for Consumer Devices: Database Specification and Validation.
[L02-1177]: Dorota Iskra | Beate Grosskopf | Krzysztof Marasek | Henk van den Heuvel | Frank Diehl | Andreas Kiessling

Pdf Export Search SpeechDat across all America: SALA II.
[L02-1269]: Asunción Moreno | Oren Gedge | Henk van den Heuvel | Harald Höge | Sabine Horbach | Patricia Martin | Elisabeth Pinto | Antonio Rincón | Franco Senia | Rafid Sukkar


Pdf Export Search SALA: SpeechDat across Latin America. Results of the First Phase
[L00-1006]: Asunción Moreno | Robrecht Comeyne | Keith Haslam | Henk van den Heuvel | Harald Höge | Sabine Horbach | Giorgio Micca

Pdf Export Search SLR Validation: Present State of Affairs and Prospects
[L00-1030]: Henk van den Heuvel | Lou Boves | Khalid Choukri | Simo Goddijn | Eric Sanders