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Pdf Export Search Task-oriented Word Embedding for Text Classification
[C18-1172]: Qian Liu | Heyan Huang | Yang Gao | Xiaochi Wei | Yuxin Tian | Luyang Liu

Pdf Export Search Zewen at SemEval-2018 Task 1: An Ensemble Model for Affect Prediction in Tweets
[S18-1046]: Zewen Chi | Heyan Huang | Jiangui Chen | Hao Wu | Ran Wei

Pdf Export Search Genre Separation Network with Adversarial Training for Cross-genre Relation Extraction
[D18-1125]: Ge Shi | Chong Feng | Lifu Huang | Boliang Zhang | Heng Ji | Lejian Liao | Heyan Huang

Pdf Export Search Jointly Multiple Events Extraction via Attention-based Graph Information Aggregation
[D18-1156]: Xiao Liu | Zhunchen Luo | Heyan Huang


Pdf Export Search BIT at SemEval-2017 Task 1: Using Semantic Information Space to Evaluate Semantic Textual Similarity
[S17-2007]: Hao Wu | Heyan Huang | Ping Jian | Yuhang Guo | Chao Su

Pdf Export Search QLUT at SemEval-2017 Task 2: Word Similarity Based on Word Embedding and Knowledge Base
[S17-2036]: Fanqing Meng | Wenpeng Lu | Yuteng Zhang | Ping Jian | Shumin Shi | Heyan Huang

Pdf Export Search A Parallel Recurrent Neural Network for Language Modeling with POS Tags
[Y17-1021]: Chao Su | Heyan Huang | Shumin Shi | Yuhang Guo | Hao Wu


Pdf Export Search A Novel Fast Framework for Topic Labeling Based on Similarity-preserved Hashing
[C16-1315]: Xian-Ling Mao | Yi-Jing Hao | Qiang Zhou | Wen-Qing Yuan | Liner Yang | Heyan Huang

Pdf Export Search CSE: Conceptual Sentence Embeddings based on Attention Model
[P16-1048]: Yashen Wang | Heyan Huang | Chong Feng | Qiang Zhou | Jiahui Gu | Xiong Gao

Pdf Export Search BIT at SemEval-2016 Task 1: Sentence Similarity Based on Alignments and Vector with the Weight of Information Content
[S16-1105]: Hao Wu | Heyan Huang | Wenpeng Lu


Pdf Export Search Topic-Based Chinese Message Polarity Classification System at SIGHAN8-Task2
[W15-3124]: Chun Liao | Chong Feng | Sen Yang | Heyan Huang


Pdf Export Search Introduction to BIT Chinese Spelling Correction System at CLP 2014 Bake-off
[W14-6828]: Min Liu | Ping Jian | Heyan Huang


Pdf Export Search Emotional Tendency Identification for Micro-blog Topics Based on Multiple Characteristics
[Y12-1030]: Quanchao Liu | Chong Feng | Heyan Huang


Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Word Sense Disambiguation Using Neighborhood Knowledge
[Y11-1035]: Heyan Huang | Zhizhuo Yang | Ping Jian

Pdf Export Search An English-Chinese Cross-lingual Word Semantic Similarity Measure Exploring Attributes and Relations
[Y11-1049]: Lin Dai | Heyan Huang