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Pdf Export Search Attachment Understanding Deep Learning Performance through an Examination of Test Set Difficulty: A Psychometric Case Study
[D18-1500]: John Lalor | Hao Wu | Tsendsuren Munkhdalai | Hong Yu

Pdf Export Search Sentence Simplification with Memory-Augmented Neural Networks
[N18-2013]: Tu Vu | Baotian Hu | Tsendsuren Munkhdalai | Hong Yu


Pdf Export Search Neural Tree Indexers for Text Understanding
[E17-1002]: Tsendsuren Munkhdalai | Hong Yu

Pdf Export Search Neural Semantic Encoders
[E17-1038]: Tsendsuren Munkhdalai | Hong Yu


Pdf Export Search Citation Analysis with Neural Attention Models
[W16-6109]: Tsendsuren Munkhdalai | John Lalor | Hong Yu

Pdf Export Search Bidirectional RNN for Medical Event Detection in Electronic Health Records
[N16-1056]: Abhyuday N Jagannatha | Hong Yu


Pdf Export Search Identifying Key Concepts from EHR Notes Using Domain Adaptation
[W15-2615]: Jiaping Zheng | Hong Yu

Pdf Export Search Mining and Ranking Biomedical Synonym Candidates from Wikipedia
[W15-2619]: Abhyuday Jagannatha | Jinying Chen | Hong Yu

Pdf Export Search Key Concept Identification for Medical Information Retrieval
[D15-1069]: Jiaping Zheng | Hong Yu


Pdf Export Search Evaluation of the Clinical Question Answering Presentation
[W09-1322]: Yong-Gang Cao | John Ely | Lamont Antieau | Hong Yu


Pdf Export Search A Pilot Annotation to Investigate Discourse Connectivity in Biomedical Text
[W08-0614]: Hong Yu | Nadya Frid | Susan McRoy | Rashmi Prasad | Alan Lee | Aravind Joshi


Pdf Export Search BioEx: A Novel User-Interface that Accesses Images from Abstract Sentences
[N06-2048]: Hong Yu | Minsuk Lee

Pdf Export Search The Semantics of a Definiendum Constrains both the Lexical Semantics and the Lexicosyntactic Patterns in the Definiens
[W06-3301]: Hong Yu | Ying Wei

Pdf Export Search Exploring Text and Image Features to Classify Images in Bioscience Literature
[W06-3310]: Barry Rafkind | Minsuk Lee | Shih-Fu Chang | Hong Yu


Pdf Export Search Towards Answering Opinion Questions: Separating Facts from Opinions and Identifying the Polarity of Opinion Sentences
[W03-1017]: Hong Yu | Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou