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Pdf Export Search Syntactic Parsing of Web Queries with Question Intent
[N16-1081]: Yuval Pinter | Roi Reichart | Idan Szpektor


Pdf Export Search Probabilistic Modeling of Joint-context in Distributional Similarity
[W14-1619]: Oren Melamud | Ido Dagan | Jacob Goldberger | Idan Szpektor | Deniz Yuret


Pdf Export Search Generating Synthetic Comparable Questions for News Articles
[P13-1073]: Oleg Rokhlenko | Idan Szpektor

Pdf Export Search A Two Level Model for Context Sensitive Inference Rules
[P13-1131]: Oren Melamud | Jonathan Berant | Ido Dagan | Jacob Goldberger | Idan Szpektor

Pdf Export Search Using Lexical Expansion to Learn Inference Rules from Sparse Data
[P13-2051]: Oren Melamud | Ido Dagan | Jacob Goldberger | Idan Szpektor


Pdf Export Search Learning Verb Inference Rules from Linguistically-Motivated Evidence
[D12-1018]: Hila Weisman | Jonathan Berant | Idan Szpektor | Ido Dagan


Pdf Export Search Classification-based Contextual Preferences
[W11-2403]: Shachar Mirkin | Ido Dagan | Lili Kotlerman | Idan Szpektor


Pdf Export Search Generating Entailment Rules from FrameNet
[P10-2045]: Roni Ben Aharon | Idan Szpektor | Ido Dagan

Pdf Export Search Textual Entailment
[N10-4008]: Mark Sammons | Idan Szpektor | V.G.Vinod Vydiswaran


Pdf Export Search Augmenting WordNet-based Inference with Argument Mapping
[W09-2504]: Idan Szpektor | Ido Dagan

Pdf Export Search Source-Language Entailment Modeling for Translating Unknown Terms
[P09-1089]: Shachar Mirkin | Lucia Specia | Nicola Cancedda | Ido Dagan | Marc Dymetman | Idan Szpektor

Pdf Export Search Directional Distributional Similarity for Lexical Expansion
[P09-2018]: Lili Kotlerman | Ido Dagan | Idan Szpektor | Maayan Zhitomirsky-Geffet


Pdf Export Search Contextual Preferences
[P08-1078]: Idan Szpektor | Ido Dagan | Roy Bar-Haim | Jacob Goldberger

Pdf Export Search Learning Entailment Rules for Unary Templates
[C08-1107]: Idan Szpektor | Ido Dagan


Pdf Export Search Cross Lingual and Semantic Retrieval for Cultural Heritage Appreciation
[W07-0909]: Idan Szpektor | Ido Dagan | Alon Lavie | Danny Shacham | Shuly Wintner

Pdf Export Search Semantic Inference at the Lexical-Syntactic Level for Textual Entailment Recognition
[W07-1422]: Roy Bar-Haim | Ido Dagan | Iddo Greental | Idan Szpektor | Moshe Friedman

Pdf Export Search Instance-based Evaluation of Entailment Rule Acquisition
[P07-1058]: Idan Szpektor | Eyal Shnarch | Ido Dagan


Pdf Export Search Investigating a Generic Paraphrase-Based Approach for Relation Extraction
[E06-1052]: Lorenza Romano | Milen Kouylekov | Idan Szpektor | Ido Dagan | Alberto Lavelli