Pdf Export Search On the Predicate-Argument Structure: Internal and Absorbing Scope
[W17-6504]: Igor Boguslavsky


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on Grammar and Lexicon: interactions and interfaces (GramLex)
[W16-3800]: Eva Hajičová | Igor Boguslavsky

Pdf Export Search On the Non-canonical Valency Filling
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Pdf Export Search Emotion and Inner State Adverbials in Russian
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Pdf Export Search Argument structure of adverbial derivatives in Russian
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Pdf Export Search Joint Morphological and Syntactic Analysis for Richly Inflected Languages
[Q13-1034]: Bernd Bohnet | Joakim Nivre | Igor Boguslavsky | Richard Farkas | Filip Ginter | Jan Hajic


Pdf Export Search Interfacing the Lexicon and the Ontology in a Semantic Analyzer
[W10-3308]: Igor Boguslavsky | Leonid Iomdin | Victor Sizov | Svetlana Timoshenko


Pdf Export Search Multilinguality in ETAP-3: Reuse of Lexical Resources
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Pdf Export Search Development of a Dependency Treebank for Russian and its Possible Applications in NLP.
[L02-1161]: Igor Boguslavsky | Ivan Chardin | Svetlana Grigorieva | Nikolai Grigoriev | Leonid Iomdin | Leonid Kreidlin | Nadezhda Frid


Pdf Export Search Creating a Universal Networking Language Module within an Advanced NLP System
[C00-1013]: Igor Boguslavsky | Nadezhda Frid | Leonid Iomdin | Leonid Kreidlin | Irina Sagalova | Victor Sizov

Pdf Export Search Dependency Treebank for Russian: Concept, Tools, Types of Information
[C00-2143]: Igor Boguslavsky | Svetlana Grigorieva | Nikolai Grigoriev | Leonid Kreidlin | Nadezhda Frid